Diamondback Gulch aka Greasy Spoon

Sedona, Arizona (Yavapai County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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Highlight: Diamondback Gulch aka Greasy Spoon
Diamondback Gulch off-road trail is just outside of Sedona and his hidden among the beautiful red rocks of the magical Red Rock Secret Mountain Wildnerness bordering on the north. It isn't just any old boring dirt road; this is an exciting, although slow speed rollercoaster ride of a four-wheel-drive off-road trail. Scenic gives way to fun when you dip into the gulch that the trail is aptly named after. You will experience challenges from small ledges to large rocks, and small washes to massively deep ones. While the rollercoaster type hills provide a bit of anticipation as you survey them with your eyes, it's driving them that will make you want to come back and do it again.


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1. Northern Trailhead at Boynton Pass Road (0 mi)
From Boynton Road, turn south into the large air-down area. There is plenty of room here to either air-down or air-up.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Sedona, Arizona, Highway 89A and 179.

Head west on Highway 89A, turn right / north onto FR 152 / Dry Creek Road. Head north for almost 3 miles until you come to a T-intersection. Turn left / west and continue straight for about 4.5 miles to another T-intersection. Turn left / west again and continue straight on the dirt road for about 7.6 miles passing all side-roads until you reach FR 152A. Turn left / south onto the trail. You can also take the trail backward by going north on FR 525 / Loy Butte Road to a Y-intersection 2.8 miles north of 89A. Stay to the right/east and the southern trailhead will be just down the road on the right.


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Q: Hi… I just signed up for the All Access membership after seeing your YouTube video when I was researching on this trail. Off-road beginner here, with just a handful of trails (Calico) of experience. I am planning to take a family vacation to Sedona and have one-day doing a trail. Thinking this would be it. Looking at the video - I would think that a stock 5th-gen 4Runner ORP just with A/T3Ws should be sufficient. The only thing I should be concerned is the climb/descent. Any tips? Maybe like PSI when I approach the climb/descent? Thanks in advanced.
–Alfred Rodriguez (10/01/2021)
–Todd (10/02/2021)
Q: How do I download GPx file on an iPad ? I press the button but nothing seems to happen and I cannot find it. Can GPx file be used with GAIA app?
–james (05/18/2019)
–james (05/19/2019)
–Chuck Brinkley (05/19/2019)
Q: If I've done Broken Arrow, Soldier Pass and Schnebley Hill solo, would this be just as easy? Lifted FJ with 33's. Did prior trails stock on 33's .
–Blind Willy (12/20/2018)
–Blind Willy (12/21/2018)
–S.J. Hollist (12/21/2018)
Q: Is this the same trail as Diamondback Gulch?
–Hawk Miller (11/17/2016)
–S.J. Hollist (11/19/2016)

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