Turkey Butte Lookout Loop

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Kachina Village, Arizona (Coconino County)
Last Updated: 05/07/2019
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If you like fire lookout stations and muddy roads, you'll love this trail. While the southern portion is muddy and rocky, the funniest part of this trail is easily accessed until you reach the gate that stops you from driving all the way to Turkey Butte Lookout Tower. The remaining trip to the tower will require hiking up a steep dirt road, and depending on who is manning the tower you may or may not be allowed a tour.

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Check out our Vultee Arch (9.73 mi away) trail guide for an All-Access Preview!

Trail Reviews

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Visited: 05/15/2019

Southern half of the loop, 538D south of the 231a intersection, suffered a recent burn. It was very muddy and bumpy. The northern half is in very good condition with a few mud holes, but easily driven in 2WD.

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