Reward Mine

Lone Pine, California (Inyo County)

Last Updated: 09/18/2021
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Typically Open: Year Round
Length: 0.67 miles
Highest Elevation: 4075 feet
Duration: About 1 hour
Shape of Trail: Out & Back
Best Direction to Travel: East
Nearest Town: Lone Pine
Nearest Town w/ Services: Lone Pine
Official Road Name: Reward Mine
Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management
District: Inyo District


Highlight: Reward Mine
If you are looking for something you have never done before, something that many people say is in their top 5 trails of all times. Then The Reward Mine should be the next stop for you. Laying in the shadows of Mount Whitney (2nd Tallest Mountain in the United States), the Reward Mine is very different than your traditional mine. Why you may ask, the reason is that one section of the mine is large enough for you to drive inside and go farther than a half mile while driving inside. Meaning, you can explore a large portion of the mine inside your vehicle. Thus, it takes mine exploration to a whole new but scary level. The good or bad about this trail is it is off the Highway 395 near Lone Pine. Meaning it isn't close to any major city, but it is along the route to Alabama Hills, The Rubicon, Mammoth, and a lot of other common places people go off-roading at. So if you are passing through the area, or just want one ultimate memory that you will never forget. Check out The Reward Mine as see for yourself why this is in my Top 5 Trails in California, maybe in the U.S..


Route Information

Technical Rating

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1. Trailhead and Camping Area - Head North (0 mi)
The trail splits off the main road and heads to the north. This is a good spot to park any tow vehicles. There is a cement slab just to the west where you can disconnect and plenty of space to turn a pickup truck around. I wouldn't recommend driving anything longer back this far since there is a very limited area to safely turn around. You can also camp in this area with larger vehicles like RV's if you want to dispersed camp this area.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Lone Pine, CA

From Lone PIne, take Highway 395 North approximately 9.5 miles, and turn right (east) on Manzanar Reward Road. Take Manzanar Reward Road approximately 5.25 miles to the parking spot in waypoint 1.



Land Use Issues

The access to this road was researched by the TrailsOffroad team through the BLM and the Inyo County Assessors Office and it appears to be open to the public. To always keep our trails open in California remember to give your support to various groups in California that support to keep our lands open such as Blue Ribbon Coalition and Cal Four Wheel.

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Q: Can a JK with an RTT go through the mine? 3 1/2 lift with 35” tires.
–White JK (05/12/2019)
–Josh Noesser (05/12/2019)
Q: Would a stock 2002 Subaru Outback be able to make it up the trail and through the mine?
–Connor (03/25/2018)
–Josh Noesser (03/25/2018)
Q: How difficult is it to find the entrance to the mine? Thanks and great write up.
–Daniel (01/08/2018)
–Josh Noesser (01/08/2018)
Q: I noticed a number of different colored arrow markings on the walls. When you enter the mine which ones are you supposed to follow? Also what would be the max number of vehicles to enter mine shaft for the tour? Thank you and happy holidays.
–tyrone tillman (12/24/2017)
–Josh Noesser (12/24/2017)
–Josh Noesser (12/24/2017)
Q: Would a Suburban Z71 be able to comfortably fit and navigate the drive trail? We're planning a trip for December. Any tips are appreciated.
–Krystal (01/19/2017)
–Josh Noesser (01/19/2017)

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Josh Noesser

Mapping Crew - California

Joshua Noesser grew up in Southern California but has lived in different parts of the country during his young adult life. Josh was first turned to four wheeling when he road with one of his friends dad up Surprise Canyon in the Panamint Valley at age14. After nearly 3 different roll overs later and a half dozen intense waterfalls, Josh was hooked. At 16 he purchased his first Jeep a CJ 7 and by 17 was putting his first locker in it. Currently, Josh is the owner and CEO of Nybble, an IT Solutions Company based in Orange County, California. Nybble isn't your normal IT company where everyone stays in and plays video games. Nybble's average company trip is out on the trails since a good amount of his staff enjoy wheeling too. As Josh likes to say, he offers the only IT Company with the ability to provide services in extreme locations. "If you want a server at the top of The Hammers, we will take care of that for you." Today you can find Josh out on the trail behind the wheel in one of his three different off-road vehicles. See the vehicles below for more information. If you ever run into Josh, please say high, he is a very friendly person and is always happy to have a new person join the group.
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