Keyser Ridge

/5 (4 reviews)
Silverthorne, Colorado (Grand County)
Last Updated: 11/09/2020
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Keyser Ridge offers panoramic views as you gain elevation and travel along the trail. There are a few campsites along the trail, with the biggest perk being the access to multiple recreational trails along its length. The panoramic views would be especially rewarding when the aspen leaves are changing colors. The abundance of trail spurs and recreational trails can keep you busy for a whole weekend outing.

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Trail Reviews

0/5 (4 reviews)
Ryan Boudreau
Official Crew
Status: Temporary Closure
Visited: 11/09/2020

Trail is still closed due to fire activity. Find details here:
Trail Review: Keyser Ridge - Ryan Boudreau
JD Marshall
Official Crew
Status: Temporary Closure
Visited: 08/14/2020

This trail is closed until further notice due to the William's Fork Fire in Grandy County.
Trail Review: Keyser Ridge - JD Marshall
Official Crew
Status: Open
Visited: 06/15/2020

Open for the season :)
JD Marshall
Official Crew
Status: Temporary Closure
Visited: 06/30/2018

The Forest Service announced 06/29 that this trail and surrounding areas are closed for work on the Sugarloaf Fire. We will update this when the trail reopens.

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