Little Muddy Creek

Parshall, Colorado (Grand County)

Last Updated: 11/09/2020
4.6 / 5 ( 5 reviews )
Highlight: Little Muddy Creek
Little Muddy Creek is 16 miles and takes you for a tour of a few different types of beautiful scenery. Pine forests at the south end, transitioning into aspen forests and then through farmland with 'big sky' views as you near the end. This is a challenging trail due to the mud, the steep ledges that accompany the mud, and the depth of the water/mud crossings. The aspen forests are a great area to see wildlife as you travel near the marshy areas along the creek. The aspen forests are very photogenic and would be a great destination for when the leaves are turning! Make a weekend of it and find one of the campsites that are tucked away into the aspens along the creek. If you are camping off Keyser Creek, you can do it in either direction and then take Blue Ridge Trail or the highway as a return trip if you needed to make up time.
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