Coyote Valley Road

Bishop, California (Inyo County)

Last Updated: 06/19/2017
4.5 / 5 ( 8 reviews )
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Typically Open: Year Round
Length: 12.26 miles
Highest Elevation: 9513 feet
Duration: About 4 hours, 30 minutes
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: West
Nearest Town: Bishop
Nearest Town w/ Services: Bishop
Official Road Name: 7S10
Management Agency: US Forest Service
District: Inyo National Forest


Highlight: Coyote Valley Road
From the high desert to the alpine zone of the Inyo National Forest, Coyote Valley Road - 7S10 is one of the most diverse trails you will find. The trail starts on a dirt road which makes its way up through a desert canyon. At the end of the canyon the road starts an ascent for the next six miles. Between the thick pinion pines some of the best views of Bishop and the Round Valley can be found as you climb. As the trail starts to level out, you find yourself at the start of Coyote Flats. Here you can find creeks and sporadic groves of aspens and pine trees. Additional trails, hiking, fishing and dispersed camping can all be found up here. Some trails go as high as 11,000 ft, so this is a great place to visit in the summer.


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1. Coyote Valley Trailhead (0 mi)
As you turn off the pavement onto Coyote Valley Road - 7S10 the road is a wide county maintained road. Continue straight for 2/10 of a mile and follow the road to the right (west). 2/10 of a mile further on the left hand side is a large electrical substation. Just past the substation, on the left hand side is a large parking lot.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Bishop

From US-395, in downtown Bishop, go west on CA-168. Continue on CA-168 for 2.6 miles and go left on Reata Road. Follow Reata Road for 1.1 miles. Coyote Valley Road will be on your right hand side.



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Q: Once at funnel lake, how do i get back on the 395 going south east? Or, do i have ti travel same route but in reverse to get out of this trail?
–White JK (05/20/2022)
–David May (05/21/2022)
Q: Thinking of trying this with a lifted 5th gen with 33s, aftermarket suspension, and well armored. And of course recover gear. One night to camp while passing through with the dogs. Any trail reports yet? Is first week of April typically too early in the season? I know it’s early, but how early…🤪? Thanks
–jeff mettee (03/30/2022)
–David May (04/01/2022)
Q: I have an Xterra 2w/d, 265/75/16 tires with a locker, (ARB) lifted 21/2". Maybe going up there with friends soon, do you think ill make. Thanks
–bill (10/19/2021)
–David May (10/20/2021)
Q: What is the best place to camp before hitting the rocky section of the trail? We are hauling a Lance truck camper and want to set up camp and take off the camper then continue the trail to funnel lake. Thanks!
–Kurt On The Road (05/25/2021)
–David May (05/25/2021)
Q: Can a stock GMC Denali make it through this trail and to Funnel Lake? Asking for a friend. Also, is this trail an in and back out trail? At the end of waypoint 10, how will i continue on to get myself out of the trail and back onto the 395 frwy?
–White JK (05/16/2021)
–David May (05/17/2021)
Q: Wanting to go up on Fathers day weekend. I've been up there several times .Does anyone now what kind of shape the trail is in snow and mud wise?
–DOUG WRIGHT (05/16/2021)
–David May (05/17/2021)
Q: Is this actually the Coyote Flats trail? If not, is there a trail on this site for "Coyote Flats"? I'd like to connect to Funnel Lake if I can. Also, is there a trail for "Monache Meadow" on this site?
–White JK (04/24/2021)
–David May (04/25/2021)
Q: I'm planning to camp out this Memorial day weekend. Anything I should be concern about? Possible camp fire restrictions? Crowd conditions?
–tuan nguyen (04/17/2021)
–David May (04/19/2021)
Q: Is this trail open? Can’t get in touch with rangers. The US forest service page doesn’t clarify.
–David (10/03/2020)
–David May (10/05/2020)
Q: I'm thinking about heading up to this trail next week with a stock 2018 forester. Would a forester be ok on this trail? Does anyone have any info on the trail condition this summer? Are there any easier trails nearby that anyone recommends? Thanks!
–William Hendricks (07/23/2020)
–David May (07/23/2020)
Q: Would this be doable in a LWB 3500 with 2" lift and 33" tires? 4x4 and rear locker What other nearby areas do you reccomend ? Thanks!!
–Dante (05/17/2020)
–David May (05/18/2020)
Q: Would a alltime 4wd Honda CR-V be ok for this road?
–Derrick Lee Lamp (05/10/2020)
–Brent Christensen (06/07/2020)
–David May (05/10/2020)
Q: Has anyone accessed Coyote Flats from the old road between Big Pine and Sugarloaf? I have heard of motorbikes using it, but haven't heard of 4x4s using it. Seems more direct than Coyote Flats Road. Thanks!
–Brendan Shepherd (10/17/2018)
–David May (10/17/2018)
–Ben Banet (10/17/2018)
Q: Any suggestions on best campgrounds (preferably near a body of water)?
–Alex (09/18/2018)
–Justin Cunningham (09/18/2018)
–Justin Cunningham (09/18/2018)
Q: Can anyone tell me if there are good fishing spots along this trail?
–Todd Slater (05/22/2018)
–Drew (12/26/2019)
–David May (05/23/2018)

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