Lower John's Gulch

Woodland Park, Colorado (Teller County)

Last Updated: 09/26/2021
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Highlight: Lower John's Gulch
Lower John's Gulch (FS Road 345) is located within the Pike National Forest approximately 25 miles northwest of Colorado Springs and nine miles north of Woodland Park. The Pike National Forest contains hundreds of trails which provide a broad spectrum of outdoor recreational opportunities. This area is popular among OHV users, mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians. The trail network includes mild trails suitable for stock vehicles (it is not uncommon to see ordinary passenger sedans and minivans on some trails) in addition to genuine 4WD tracks such as Balanced Rock Road (FS 322), Hotel Gulch (FS 346), and Missouri Gulch (FS 347). Accessibility and panoramic mountain views are the greatest attractions to this area.
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