Carwash Falls

4.7/5 (20 reviews)
Hagarville, Arkansas (Johnson County)
Last Updated: 12/19/2020

Trail Information


Big Piney Creek flows south out of the Ozark Mountains down to its confluence with the Arkansas River near Russellville Arkansas. This area is popular with canoeists, kayakers, tubers, hikers, bikers, SXS/ATV riders, hunters, fishermen, and anyone that loves the outdoors. The trail parallels Big Piney Creek and Hurricane Creek most of its length, offering beautiful water and foliage views along the way. The highlight of the trail is Carwash Falls, where a stream spills over the top of a small limestone bluff onto the road before entering Big Piney Creek.

Trail Difficulty and Assessment

Trail Navigation

This trail begins at the Highway 123 crossing over Big Piney Creek in Johnson County and follows along the east bank of either Big Piney Creek or Hurricane Creek for most of its 5 1/2 mile length. The county road is mostly gravel and easily passable by most vehicles without 4WD with no major grades or elevation changes. Low clearance vehicles may have difficulty with the water crossing at Hurricane Creek. The water at the crossing will vary from less than 6 inches during dry periods to as much as 2 feet or deeper after a heavy rainfall or flash flood. Due to the velocity of streams flows, if the depth is more than 2 or 3 inches above your center hub or high enough to come in contact with your chassis, crossing it is not recommended. The road is well maintained, but proceed with caution around turns with little or no visibility due to oncoming traffic. This area is relatively remote with little or no cell phone coverage, so prepare your maps and navigation devices before heading out on your trip.
Be aware of the depth of the water crossing at Hurricane Creek. Do not cross if you are unsure of the depth or the flow of the water.

Trail Reviews

4.7/5 (20)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 07/05/2021

This was my 7th trail since I bought my Rubicon and I have to say it is probably my favorite. If you’re coming on Interstate 40 from central Arkansas and plan to picnic on the trail, you better stop at Russellville for food. There is nothing once you take the Lamar Exit. This trail is an easy drive and the water crossing is easy if it hasn’t rained recently. You will see a great combination of water views, heavily wooded areas and beautiful meadows. We encountered two deer and an Indigo Bunting along the way. We started at the bridge and drove north. At the northern end of the trail, I planned to turn right on Parker Ridge Road and then right on FS 92730A Road to parallel back south to near the start of the trail. WARNING: FS 92730A Road seen on the map does not exist! I was using my Garmin and the Gaia app and never found 92730. I drove a little further thinking I’d find it. Nope. Once you finish the trail on the north end, your best bet is to turn around and retrace the trail back south. It’s definitely just as beautiful going south. I can now proudly say my Jeep has been baptized at Carwash Falls. A fantastic trail!
Visited: 06/16/2021

directions spot on, started at bridge end. creek crossing not to bad and got to see this big boy just past the falls
Visited: 05/29/2021

A super fun easy trail. A little high water crossing if it has rained heavy recently. No problem in my Jeep but possibly for some smaller suvs if the creek is really up. My kids loved this trail. Beautiful scenery all around. Makes for a great day trip & ride.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 04/16/2021

Have been several times to see this waterfall but always felt uncomfortable crossing hurricane creek because it was flowing really big each time. This time decided to come in from Deer on Parker Road. The falls were flowing really well (see video) and hurricane creek was about 20 inches deep on the way out. Pay no attention to the comments in the video,didn't think about it recording our voices also.
Visited: 02/21/2021

Thought I’d add this unique situation in, everyone has run this road, hurricane ford is the only issue and that’s only at really high levels, but on this trip the falls were frozen solid blocking the road, it made for a really neat photo opportunity

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