B South Road

5/5 (1 reviews)
Grand Junction, Colorado (Mesa County)
Last Updated: 05/06/2022
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On a remote edge of the McInnis National Conversation Area, B South Road is easy access to scenic views of the nearby canyons and mountains. The sandstone canyon walls rise 400-500 feet in some places, showing off the eons of erosion that have left striated rock all over the park. Dense areas of sagebrush surround the trail, providing a heavy scent and giving the local cows something to graze on. If these sometimes defensive cows are willing to leave you in peace, there are plenty of unique camping locations along the way too. Don't miss this gorgeous desert trail that's a great getaway inside of a national treasure.

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5/5 (1 reviews)
Jen Marshall
Official Crew
Status: Temporary Closure
Rated 5/5
Visited: 05/17/2021

I absolutely LOVED this trail! My favorite of the ones we did in the area. It is very scenic, and has a lot of little fun spots all along the trail to take amazing pictures! Watch for cows near the big cave! It has a little something for everyone's offroading taste
Trail Review: B South Road - Jen Marshall
Trail Review: B South Road - Jen Marshall
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