Little Grand Canyon

Black Canyon City, Arizona (Maricopa County)

Last Updated: 03/31/2021
4 / 5 ( 2 reviews )
Highlight: Little Grand Canyon
You know you are grand when everyone wants to be a little version of you. Here in Arizona, we have the Grandest of Canyons and a lot of little ones too. This trail leads you to one of the little ones, but it still doesn't disappoint. Nestled in the heart of the popular 11,400 acre Table Mesa Recreation Area, this short trail passes through a prototypical Sonoran Desert landscape of cacti and palo verde before dramatically unveiling its destination. The end of the trail drops rapidly into the canyon cut by the Agua Fria River. When the afternoon sun hits the canyon walls, the colors of the various layers of stone pop nicely. The canyon's solitude, complete with canyon wren serenades, makes for an idyllic overnight camp. It may be little, but hey, just how much canyon do you really need to be happy?
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