Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park-Rubicon

Jacksonville, Alabama (Calhoun County)

Last Updated: 01/02/2019
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Typically Open: Year Round
Permit Information: Permit Required - Click Here
Length: 0.3 miles
Highest Elevation: 1598 feet
Duration: About 30 minutes
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: North
Nearest Town: Jacksonville
Nearest Town w/ Services: Jacksonville
Official Road Name: Rubicon
Management Agency: Choccolocco ORV Park


Highlight: Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park-Rubicon
The Rubicon trail is a short off road trail located within Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park. The trail is only 0.8 miles long but is steep, rocky and challenging. The park itself is located along Choccolocco Mountain on the southern end of the Blue Ridge mountain range. The park is approximately 450 acres of forest covered mountains with a vast trail system. The trails range in difficulty from a 1-10 and utilize a color-coded system. The Rubicon trail is in the upper mid-range with a difficulty of 7-8 and is classified as moderate within the park. The Rubicon is a popular destination and people often travel from across the state to visit the park and take on the challenging trails it has to offer. The Rubicon is one of many excellent trails located on the steep and rocky slopes of the park. From mild to wild there is something for everyone, so if you’re looking for adventure be sure to check out the Rubicon trail at Choccolocco Mountain.


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1. Southeast Trailhead (0 mi)
The southeast trailhead is located along the Tombstone trail on the southeast side of the ridge and is clearly marked. The first obstacle is just beyond the trailhead.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Jacksonville

From Hwy 21 N in Jacksonville Al: Traveling north, turn right onto Whites Gap Road SE (Directly in front of Hampton Inn) on Hwy 21. Turn left at first stop sign onto Church St Take the 3rd right onto Gardner Dr SE Go .4 miles, turn slight right onto Louise Dr SE. Go .8 miles, turn right at top of hill onto Forest Dr. Forest Dr turns right at the top of the hill onto a dirt road. Follow the dirt road and turn left into the park. Once inside the park, follow the park map for directions to the Rubicon trailhead. A printable map of the park is available for download here: Park Map



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