Windrock Trail 22

Oliver Springs, Tennessee (Anderson County)
Last Updated: 06/09/2017
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Status: Open
Permit Information: Permit Required - Click Here
Difficulty: 3-6
Length: 5.9 miles
Highest Elevation: 2400 feet
Duration: About 2 hours
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: West
Nearest Town: Oliver Springs
Nearest Town w/ Services: Oak Ridge
Official Road Name:
Management Agency: Coal Creek/Private Ownership
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Highlight: Windrock Trail 22

Windrock Off-Road Park Trail 22 is a great all around off road trail that will offer a great ride with moderate obstacles. This trail has everything from steep climbs, water crossings, and a couple of rock climbs. It will take a few hours to run so it's a great afternoon adventure to get up the mountain and go see the windmills or a scenic overlook of the Tennessee Valley. This trail does have one challenging rock obstacle but other than that it's a pretty straight forward trail that will be fun for everyone. This is a private owned off-road park and does require access permits, so make sure you have your permit before heading to the trail.


Route Information

Technical Rating: (3-6)

Quite rocky or deep ruts. Rocks to 12" and frequent. Water crossings may exceed hub depth with strong currents. Shelves to 6". Mud may require checking before proceeding. Moderate grades to 20 degrees. Sidehill may approach 30 degrees. 4WD necessary and second attempts may be required with stock vehicles. Caution may be required with wider vehicles.

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Trail 22 is considered a Moderate trail or “blue” by the Windrock Off Road Park. This is a broad category and hopefully this guide will help better classify the trail status. This trail is variable with all types of terrain. Depending on recent rain amounts, most of the trail could be run in 2wd or require 4wd. There isn't much excessive rutting but the surface is very slick when wet. There are several rock patches that require some navigation and a couple of larger mud holes that could be deep if weather has been wet. There is one rock obstacle that makes this trail higher on the moderate rating. It is a narrow pass and side sloped. If you have a lifted vehicle and rock rails it's not an issue, but for a truck without out one or the other, it could take a spotter and patience to avoid damage. Stock vehicles can make it, but I would not recommend it, unless you're ok with potential dents. This trail sees lots of side-by-side traffic which leads to changing conditions, causing a narrower rut which accentuates some issues for full size trucks. Overall, Trail 22 is a great trail for anyone with vehicle equipped to tackle moderate offroad trail. This trail is often used as a benchmark trail for the rest of the park, determining which trails you can tackle. Access permits are required and can be purchased at The General Store or Campground.


1. General Store

The General Store is a great meeting place. They sell access permits but if you already have your pass it's a great place to air down and grab a snack or drink. They sell maps and stickers, everyone loves stickers. They also have a token operated pressure washer if you want to clean your truck after the trail. There is not an air compressor here but there is one at the campground a few miles up the road.

2. Bridge Trail Head (0.15 mi)

This is the actual beginning of Trail 22. It's a sharp left turn from the pavement and a sharp descent onto a narrow wooden bridge. For longer trucks, take a wide swing to the right to make sure you get your whole truck onto the bridge. The bridge appears narrow than it actually is, just make sure you're lined up and you’ll be good.

3. Steep Grade (1.2 mi)

This is the first steep climb on the trail. The photos don’t give justice to how steep it actually is. We took turns letting the truck in front reach the summit. When the trail is dry this hill would be easily tackled but when wet, 4wd is definitely necessary.

4. Creek Crossing (3.1 mi)

This is an indicator of the type of water crossings found on the trail. This review was two days after a heavy rain event. If currently raining or recently has rained, these crossing could be 12” deep or slightly more, but should be passable except in a flood event, in which case you shouldn’t be attempting this trail.

5. Intersection Keep Right (3.2 mi)

This is an intersection with a gravel oil well road. Turn right to continue on Trail 22.

6. Mud Hole (3.3 mi)

This is a deep mud hole that is best traversed on the uphill side. If your rig is big enough or it hasn't rained in a while, this will probably be a "non-obstacle".

7. Big Rock (3.5 mi)

This is the obstacle that makes this trail on the high end of moderate. If your rig is lifted and you have rock sliders you can just pick a good line and climb up past the rock. If you lack sliders or a lift, this obstacle will take slightly more patience and a spotter. This obstacle has gotten more difficult over the winter due to side-by-sides causing a narrow rut between the bank and the rock. This could get worse so be prepared. Windrock does do repair work on the trails so ask the security guards what the status is if you're concerned.

8. Rock and Steep Grade (4.5 mi)

This is a rocky section the will require a slow speed and attention to lines. It's not difficult but could scrape undercarriage if you don't watch what you're doing. At the end is a steep grade that will require 4wd when wet.

9. Mud Pit (4.7 mi)

This is an intersection with another oil well road. On the left side of the trail is a large mud pit that rigs like to play in. It's a couple feet deep and is navigable in a lifted rig with 4wd. Just be prepared for recovery as conditions change constantly. Stay straight after the mud pit to continue on Trail 22, if you bear right you will be on another trail. These photos were from a previous ride but are still accurate to the area.

10. Last Climb of Trail 22 (5.6 mi)

This is an easy ascent that has a few rock outcrops and ruts, can require 4wd when wet.

11. Intersection G5 End Trail 22 (5.9 mi)

This is the end of the trail at the intersection of G5 (Gravel 5). This is a large, wide gravel road and you can take it to your next trail or follow it all the way down to the General Store.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 36.084325, -84.331070
From Oak Ridge, TN travel northwest on HWY 62 (Illinois Ave) for 5.4 miles, Turn right onto Windrock Road, travel 3.3 miles. General Store will be on your left, trail head is 200 feet past General Store on left. From Harriman, TN, head northeast on HWY 27 for 4 miles, stay right onto HWY 61, continue for 10.8 miles. Go through traffic light and take left onto Windrock Road, travel 3.3 miles. The General Store will be on your left, trail head is 200 feet past General Store on left.


Windrock has a campground to suit any of your needs, whether it be a tent, camper, or renting one of their cabins. They do have a bathhouse and utility hookups for the RV area and a primitive area for tents only.
Camping: Windrock Trail 22

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Status: Open
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I did not drive the entire Trail 22. We shot off onto another more difficult trail. Trail 22 is a nice fairly easy trail for slightly modified vehicles. The Switch backs are fun to navigate and give you some very nice views. There are some spots that are getting rutted out from the UTVs and could be difficult in a stock truck.