Hackberry Creek Loop

Superior, Arizona (Pinal County)

Last Updated: 06/25/2021
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Highlight: Hackberry Creek Loop
Hackberry Creek trail and the Devil's Canyon area is by far one of my favorites in the Phoenix area because of the backcountry adventure it offers in one small area. It offers incredible scenery, challenging four wheeling, free camping, miles of hiking and world class canyoneering. The area has been considered sacred land for centuries by the Apache Nation and was once a protected area but in 2015, a late night deal with congress, gave the entire area away to a foreign mining conglomerate. So what does that mean for us wheelers, campers and general out door types? Well we have to rush to enjoy the area before it has a big ole fence put up around it. The region is littered with spectacular chimney type rock formations, towering precariously on the edge of cliffs. There are several very large balancing rocks and other natural wonders to see in the area. The 4x4 trail keeps you along the top of what is called Devil's Canyon way down below. There are no official hiking trails down into the canyon but at a couple of the drill platforms along the eastern most trails, you can find a small path leading down several hundred feet to the canyon floor. There are a couple large canyon cliff pools that can be accessed by experienced and properly equipped adventurers. The area once held world championship rock climbing competitions which has resulted in thousands of established climbing lines in the area. Please enjoy this incredible area before it is taken from us.


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1. Trailhead - FR 315 (0 mi)
Travel south through the gate for FR 315, a very smooth gravel road. You will be passing drilling platforms and may encounter service trucks along this road. Please do not speed through this area.

Directions to Trailhead

From the Phoenix Valley, travel east via Hwy 60 passing through Superior and up through the tunnel to the Magma Mine Road/Oak Flats campground exit on the right. Travel south for a 1/4 mile to Oak Flats campground on the left, to camp or stage. Trail marker FR2438 can be found next to the large Ranger sign when you enter. Staging area is in the back of the campground, large gravel area. You can choose to start here or run it as a loop, ending with Chevy Hill. To do this, travel 1.1 miles on Magma Mine Road from Hwy 60. On the left will be a gated dirt road, FR315. This is the beginning of the mapped loop, see trail head WP1 From Globe, AZ travel west via Hwy 60 passing through Miami, AZ to just past mile marker 231 and turn left, south onto Magma Mine Road.



Land Use Issues

Hackberry Creek trail, Oak Flats Campground and the entire Devil's Canyon region was traded in a late night, act of congress. This area is one of a kind and considered sacred land by the Apache Nation. It offers some of the most pristine canyoneering in the world but will be closed forever, very soon. Please follow the links to support efforts to allow access to this region and thank you for your support. https://www.earthworksaction.org/voices/detail/oak_flat_apache_leap#.Vfi3DYfn_j0

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Q: Is this trail open? Not being a local I am not sure what forest order to look up to see if it is still being enforced. Was thinking of visiting next month.
–Ryan Boudreau (10/19/2021)
Q: Would you know is the Hackberry Creek Loop near Superior, AZ still open? Looks like the last review was Nov. 2019, and in the description there a mention of a possible fence going up. Thank you for any information you might have.
–Andy (02/16/2021)
–Bobby Nelson (02/16/2021)

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