Wooden Pole Powerline Road

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4/5 (6 reviews)
Las Vegas, Nevada (Clark County)
Last Updated: 03/25/2022

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Wooden Pole Powerline Road is a fast and fun trail to visit while escaping the Vegas heat and local traffic. Located near Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountain Recreation areas, the trail allows for great views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, the thicker and greener vegetation, and even a distant view of the Las Vegas strip. This is an excellent trail for those who want an enjoyable drive with mild challenges and fantastic views.

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4/5 (6)
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Partially Open
Visited: 09/05/2021

Fun trail, but the gate at the top is locked. You can drive up, but you’ll have to drive all the way back down. Definitely some rutted steep sections so the more clearance the better. A stock 4x4 will make it but any skids are going to get some minor damage unless you have a lift.
Temporary Closure
Visited: 05/29/2021

Attempted the trail after finishing "Lucky Strike Mine Road to Angel Peak" in a stock FJ Cruiser. It looks like the Spring Mountain Youth Correctional Facility installed some substantial new locked gates and multiple "No Trespassing" signs preventing access at WP1. The only other way down, the paved road to Deer Creek Hwy, was also blocked off. We found ourselves on the wrong side of these gates/signs and I had no signal (Verizon) so I couldn't call the listed phone numbers. It may have been closed for Memorial Day Weekend? Would love an update. We backtracked to "Lucky Strike Road" to end on Kyle Canyon Road.
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Official Crew
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 04/19/2020

We decided to practice social distancing by getting outdoors and revisiting a few trails. The weather was in the low 50s with cloudy skies. We started with Lucky Strike Mine Road to Angel Peak and took this trail back. The weather was in the low 50s with cloudy skies. The trail was in great condition and was a nice relaxing descent back to the desert valley. The views were amazing, being able to see the desert below and the snow-capped mountains was a nice contrast. The last hill obstacle was much easier with the dry weather. In 4-LO and 1st gear, we were able to climb the hill very easily, even with the ruts in the road.
Trail Review: Wooden Pole Powerline Road - James and Mimi Nicholson
Trail Review: Wooden Pole Powerline Road - James and Mimi Nicholson
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/19/2019

Fun trail. Took it downhill after doing Angel Peak and really enjoyed the views and heights. Looking forward to doing it up hill. It had just been worked on by the bull dozer that is shown in the picture so the road for much (not all) of the trail was in super good shape (actually groomed). There certainly is the chance for some pin-striping. Did it with the Colorado ZR2 Bison shown.
Trail Review: Wooden Pole Powerline Road - Dan M
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 06/20/2018

Fun trail. I drove it up hill towards Angel Peak instead of downhill as described. This made the trail more "moderate" than "easy". Lots of rocky ascends. Even had to use rear lockers once. I made it with a stock FJ Cruiser. Prepare for trail rash. Stunning view at the top.

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