26E216 - Mirror Lake Trail

Shaver Lake, California (Fresno County)

Last Updated: 06/18/2022
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Highlight: 26E216 - Mirror Lake Trail
This high mountain lake trail adds extra pucker factor with its steep, rocky, off camber winch hill where winch posts have been drilled and set in the rocks at two locations. Mirror Lake Trail is a hardcore rock crawling 4x4 trail that runs from Strawberry Lake Trail, near Sand Flats, to Mirror Lake at its north end. Rock crawling, swimming, fishing, camping and lake side relaxation in the high mountains of the Sierra National Forest make for one of the most challenging and rewarding 1.3 miles you can run. Mirror Lake Trail is one of many 4x4 trails in the Red Mountain off-road trail network which sits northeast of Shaver Lake and Southeast of Huntington Lake.


Route Information

Advanced Rating System

Recommended Vehicle:
Highly Modified 4X4 (Big Lift, Locker(s), Larger Tires)
Rock sliders and under armor are recomended. The winch hill is the most technical part of Mirror Lake Trail.

Technical Rating

Rocky or undulated road surface. Rocks and less than 54" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 54" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 10' foot. Tire placement not good. Can be steep and off-camber.
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Mirror Lake Trail is open 06/15-11/01 each year, but this is subject to extended closures / delayed openings. Forest Service Trail Status Mirror Lake Trail starts from the easy, but rocky and slow going Strawberry Lake Trail. A couple gradual increases in the difficulty of rock obstacles build up to the long, steep Winch Hill starting at Waypoint 5. Large boulders, tight squeezes around trees, steep descents, and steep climbs are continuous through out this trail. The more substantial obstacles are included in the waypoints below, but be prepared for continuous crawling until you reach the camping area at Mirror Lake. Once you reach the Lake, take some time to relax before you have to climb back up what you just came down.


1. Mirror Lake Trailhead (0 mi)
Start from the split at Strawberry Lake Trail. Mirror Lake Trail is on the left.
2. Rocky Curve (0.16 mi)
Continue around this Rocky Curve.
3. Little Up (0.22 mi)
Continue up this rocky section.
4. Side Hill (0.34 mi)
Continue around this rock scattered, slightly off camber hillside.
5. Winch Hill Lead in (0.44 mi)
Continue straight or get out and walk ahead to assess the trail for yourself. This is a common turnaround point for many. If you're unsure of completing this trail, park here and walk down to see the Winch Hill before you continue past this point. Turning around after this point and before the bottom of the Winch Hill can be difficult, and just as dangerous as the hill itself.
6. Winch Hill Start (0.48 mi)
Continue left, down the rocks. Pick your line carefully. A winch point has been set in the rocks here to help on your way back up.
7. Winch Hill Middle (0.53 mi)
Continue down. Another winch point has been set in the rocks here, on the east side of the trail.
8. Winch Hill End (0.57 mi)
Squeeze between this tree and jeep sized rock to make your way over the last section of the Winch Hill.
9. Rocks and Ruts (0.88 mi)
Continue on, through this boulder field where the the dirt has been dug up by other rigs loosing traction.
10. Log Run (0.96 mi)
Continue straight over the Log Run.
11. Rocky Uphill (0.99 mi)
Continue over or around the rocks on your way up this hill.
12. Lake and Camping (1.09 mi)
Continue to the left or stop and set up camp. This is the first of the camp sites near the lake.
13. Another Camp (1.21 mi)
Continue straight or stop and set up camp. This is another campsite, near the lake.
14. Another Camp / Trail End (1.3 mi)
This is the end of the trail. Turn around and head back up or stop and set up camp.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Fresno, California

From Fresno: Take 168 east toward Huntington Lake for about 12 miles. Continue onto CA-168 / Tollhouse Road for about 21 miles. Turn left to stay on CA-168 for another 28.4 miles. Turn right on 8S10 ( Watch for the Red Mountain Trailhead sign.) After 3.25 miles, turn left on 8S42. Follow 8S42 for 3.5 miles to the Strawberry Lake Trailhead. Follow Strawberry Lake trail to the split in the trail and turn left onto Mirror Lake Trail.


There are dispersed camping opportunities all over this area. Sand Flats, Strawberry Lake, West lake, right here on Mirror Lake, or even Red Lake and Coyote Lake all offer some great, remote camping. Take your pick. There is camping everywhere and it's all pretty awesome.
Camping: 26E216 - Mirror Lake Trail

Land Use Issues

Seasonal Closures. Scheduled open time is 06/15-11/01, but subject to extended closures / delayed openings. High Sierra Ranger District 29688 Auberry Road Prather, CA 93651 (559) 855-5355 Forest Service Trail Status Motor Vehicle Use Map / MVUM

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