Laurel Lakes Road

Mammoth Lakes, California (Mono County)

Last Updated: 08/08/2016
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Highlight: Laurel Lakes Road
Laurel Lakes Road is a great scenic trail just outside the town of Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern High Sierras. The narrow five mile road has lots of places to turn out and pass. Starting at 7,300 feet and ending just over 10,000 feet, this trail has snow capped mountains, aspen groves, creeks and a back country lake. With so many sights in front of you, it easy to miss the great views from behind as you leave the valley floor.


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1. Laurel Lakes Trailhead (0 mi)
Coming from Hwy 395, the road to the trailhead is a maintained gravel road. The trailhead is to your left. There is adequate space at the trailhead to park a vehicle or trailer.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Mammoth Lakes

From Hwy 395 exit at Sherwin Creek Road. The Laurel Lake trailhead is 1.3 miles on your left. From Old Mammoth Rd take Sherwin Creek Road south for 4.4 miles The Laurel Lakes trailhead will be on your right.



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Q: Trail says "Temporary Closure". Is this open now or still remains closed? If still closed, when will it be open again?
–White JK (05/19/2022)
–David May (05/21/2022)
Q: Hey all! New all access member! :) I’m in a 16’ 4Runner 2WD with a 3” lift and 33” wildpeak 3’s thoughts on making it in my modified RWD vehicle? I have some Offroad experience and take most everything real slow! Thanks in advance!
–Matt Johnson (08/24/2020)
–David May (08/25/2020)
Q: Do you think a stock 2019 rav4 adventure could make it?
–Aaron Taylor (08/04/2019)
–David May (08/06/2019)
Q: I was thinking of heading up this weekend. My Jeep is built with 35’s, 6” lift, lockers, etc. however my front drive shaft is out so I’m really down to my rear axle. Think I’ll have any issues with rear wheel drive only and rear locker on this trail? Was going to do some dispersed camping if so.
–Austin Rodola (07/04/2019)
–David May (07/08/2019)
Q: I’ve had this bookmarked for some time now and hope to travel there soon. Does anyone think I would have trouble bringing a teardrop trailer up the switchbacks?
–Alex (07/03/2019)
–David May (07/03/2019)
Q: Thanks for the trail review! Does the trail end at the lake, or do you have to hike from the trail's end to get to the water? And if so, about how far is the hike?
–Mike (05/06/2019)
–David May (05/07/2019)
Q: I just paid for my membership! Just wondering if anyone can tell me why there's no mobile phone app to utilize while out trailing? And does anyone know if there's a mobile app in the process?
–tyrone tillman (02/07/2019)
–Ryan L (05/22/2019)
–Todd (02/08/2019)
Q: I have a stock 2019 tacoma trd off road. Bilstein suspension with rear locker but no 4x4. Can I make it?
–nick (10/18/2018)
–David May (10/19/2018)
Q: Great write up David. What month did you go up? 'Do you happen to know if Laurel Lake has fish?
–Alex (04/04/2018)
–David May (04/05/2018)
Q: What up, Do you think a 2015 Tundra with coilover lift up front and 33's could make it, or would I have clearance issues? Thanks
–Nicholas (06/25/2017)
–Anthony Thorpe (10/12/2018)
–David May (06/26/2017)

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David May

Mapping Crew - California

I have been a southern California native my entire life. Growing up we spent a lot of time in the Eastern High Sierras, the Calico Canyons and the San Bernadino Mountains. When I got my first car, my free time revolved around it. A few years later I got my first off-road truck. Now I was able spend time doing all the things I loved. Over the years I have had a variety of different off-road vehicles. Some were stock, while others were highly modified. With my son recently getting his own 1st generation Toyota 4Runner, we have been spending more time working on his truck and hitting the trails. Whether exploring, hiking, hunting or camping, being outdoors with my family is how I want to spend my down time. Life is too short to spend it on the couch. Go out there and find your next adventure.
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