Berdoo Canyon

Coachella, California (SanBernardino County)

Last Updated: 12/05/2020
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Highlight: Berdoo Canyon
Berdoo Canyon is home to an old ghost town named Berdoo Camp. Berdoo camp was founded by the water district when California built the Colorado River Aqueduct that still provides water to Southern California. The Camp was built in the early 1930s for the workers and their families to live while the aqueduct was being constructed under the mountain range. The camp was abandoned sometime in 1937 when the project was completed in the area, and the camp was no longer needed. Over the years the camp has been scraped of all the lumber from the roofs of the old concrete buildings. Now all that is left of the old camp are the skeletons of the concrete buildings that once housed the workers and their families. Building the Colorado River Aqueduct was an amazing feat of the time. The workers did not have the type of modern machinery we take for granted in our everyday lives during the construction. Come out and explore the colorful history of the Berdoo Camp as well as Berdoo Canyon. You might even get to see some of the desert wildlife as you head into Joshua Tree, or a ghost or two. Please tread lightly along the trail. I have lived my entire life in this area, and have seen many of these awesome trails closed, due to people making these beautiful desolate trails their personal landfill. Please, if you find trash along the trail, pick it up and help do your part in keeping this trail open for generations to come.


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1. South Trailhead (0 mi)
Berdoo Canyon starts at the large wash where the pavement basically ends.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Indio or Whitewater

Directions to the south trailhead From the 10 Freeway in Indio, go north on Dillon Road, exit 146, 4.5 miles to Berdoo Canyon Road and turn right. Continue 1.2 miles until you cross the wash and the pavement ends Directions to north trailhead From the 10 Freeway near Whitewater, go north on Highway 62 to Joshua Tree, 26.9 miles, and turn right on Park Boulevard. Continue 5.1 miles to the Joshua Tree National Park entrance and pick up a park map. The trailhead for Berdoo Canyon is located off of the Geology Tour Road trail located inside Joshua Tree National Park.



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Q: I've got a Ram 1500 with the Off Road package and we have done Burns Road out of Pioneertown, can we do this trail or is my truck too big?
–Don Lee (12/19/2020)
–Dennis Clark (12/19/2020)
Q: Hi, I drive a stock (with exception of A/T tires) 2008 Range Rover HSE and I'm new to off-roading. Do you think I would be able to drive this trail?
–Ludovico Verducci (04/09/2019)
–Dennis Clark (04/10/2019)
Q: I have a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek with A/T tires. Would I be able to make it over the 'No by-pass'? Thank you
–Thomas (05/27/2018)
–Dennis Clark (05/28/2018)
–Thomas (05/28/2018)
–Dennis Clark (05/27/2018)
Q: i have a tundra 2wd trd off road with limited slip and 30 years off roadexp. from lower pave to camp berdoo for day trip. does sand get too deep? Thanks in advance kk6wxd
–sean (10/21/2017)
–Dennis Clark (10/21/2017)
Q: do you think a new stock Jeep Wrangler 4 door Sahara would be ok on this trail? 31" dia wheels as it came stock.
–Robert (09/09/2017)
–John Ayala (09/10/2017)

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Dennis Clark

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Dennis Clark was born in Los Angeles in 1942 and after 76 years of living in So Cal he moved to Emmett, Idaho with his wife Patricia, has four adult children with many grand and great grandchildren. He has loved the outdoors since his Cub Scout and Boy Scout days while camping with the family. He's an archer, hunter and fisherman but no longer wishes to harm animals. He has been involved with photography since the 1960's. He became more of a serious hiker in 2010 when he started Geocaching and has hiked the three tallest peaks in So Cal, Mt San Jacinto, Mt San Gorgonio and Mt Baldy, along with most of the lesser peaks in search of caches. Geocaching started his love for the USFS Trail system as he used the trails frequently to get to certain trailheads. He had a 2002 Ford Ranger 2wd and its amazing where that little pickup took him. In 5 years of weekly geocaching he was only stuck once in some Palm Springs sand. His 2016 Wrangler Sport Unlimited was purchased in 2015. He has become quite lazy in the hiking department as he can now drive to most locations. He's looking forward to posting some trails and don't hesitate to ask him for any help you might need.
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