Lower Terminator TV2

Black Canyon City, Arizona (Yavapai County)

Last Updated: 05/09/2019
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Typically Open: Year Round
Permit Information: Permit Required - Click Here
Length: 0.72 miles
Highest Elevation: 1002 feet
Duration: About 1 hour
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: North
Nearest Town: Black Canyon City
Nearest Town w/ Services: Black Canyon City
Official Road Name: TV2
Management Agency: BLM


Highlight: Lower Terminator TV2
This is a very fun and technical run. Easy lines to hard lines. You can make it what you want or go back and watch some built rigs play around. You'll get beautiful views as you head back to the trail. It is a great night run in the hot summer months. It also is a good place to test your skills. Camping at the little pan staging area has nice bathrooms and plenty of room for trailers. The Table Mesa area has some very fun trails from mild to extreme. You can spend a weekend out there and have a blast. Some of the other nearby trails out there are Upper Terminator, Raw Deal, Die Hard, and Anaconda.


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1. TV2 Lower Terminator Start (0 mi)
Turn right into the wash

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Phoenix

From Phoenix, travel north on Interstate 17. Take Exit 236 and turn west. Turn north on the frontage road which leads into the Recreation Area. There are lots of trails in this area. The Little Pan Staging Area has restrooms and is a good base to go out and run a trail and come back. Some of these trails in the Table Mesa Recreation Area require a State Trust Land Permit. It is suggested you obtain one 1st to ensure you are covered. From here you will continue northwest on road 9999 back into the desert. You'll go over a few hills and cross a small water crossing. The depth varies throughout the year. You'll come up to an intersection just after the water crossing and you want to go left to stay on 9999. The road will turn west then back north/northwest. You will come to the bottom of a hill and enter into Lower Terminator TV2 on the right.


Land Use Issues

State Trust Land Permits are required in some of the areas. It is best to obtain a permit yearly to ensure you are covered.

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Mike Austin

Mapping Crew - Arizona

I am a 4 wheeling enthusiast. My favorite type of wheeling would be Overlanding. I love to start in one town and end in another. Nothing beats cresting a ridge and there is only terrain for as far as you can see and that feeling of knowing your headed through there. I also love to test my vehicles limits and my abilities. It is also very important to me to be self sufficient and know my rigs weaknesses and be prepared for them. I drive it to the trails so I am cautious when wheeling and not heavy on the throttle. I'm am usually right in there if someone breaks as I love to solve problems and I'm handy with a wrench.
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