Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk)

Black Hawk, Colorado (Gilpin County)

Last Updated: 10/18/2021
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Typically Open: Year Round
Length: 2.27 miles
Highest Elevation: 10128 feet
Duration: About 1 hour
Shape of Trail: Straight Through
Best Direction to Travel: North
Nearest Town: Black Hawk
Nearest Town w/ Services: Black Hawk
Official Road Name: 718.1
Management Agency: Arapaho National Forest
District: Clear Creek Ranger District


Highlight: Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk)
Technically Forest Service Road 718.1 is named Blackhawk but, because much of the lower part of the trail follows Pickle Gulch and because the Pickle Gulch Group Campground is right at the trailhead, it has been known in the Colorado 4-wheeling community as Pickle Gulch Trail for several decades. This 4x4 route delivers on much of the best of what Colorado's Front Range has to offer. Expect to experience smooth tree-shaded portions, open meadows, bumpy dirt roads, steep climbs, collapsed log cabins, weathered mining structures, and views of Rocky Mountain peaks. The top of Pickle Gulch connects to the extensive network of trails around Oregon Hill and Dakota Hill offering even more mining history, spectacular views and offroad adventure.


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1. Pickle Gulch Trailhead (0 mi)
The trail begins when you turn west off of Missouri Gulch Road toward Pickle Gulch Campground.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Black Hawk or Rollinsville

From Black Hawk, go north on Colorado Highway 119 approximately 3.5 miles or, from Rollinsville, go south on Highway 119 10.3 miles. Just north of the Gilpin School, look for signs to the Pickle Gulch Campground and turn left onto Missouri Gulch Road (County Road 15S). Head northwest on Missouri Gulch Road for 0.8 miles to the trailhead. Turn left at the signs for Pickle Gulch Campground to begin the trail.



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Q: Is Pickle open? "This Order becomes effective at 12:00am on October 21, 2020 and remains in effect until November 15, 2020 or until rescinded, whichever event occurs first" Haven't seen any info after 11/15/2020 on the Stage 3 Closure
–Adam (12/21/2020)
–Bill Andrews (12/22/2020)
Q: Is this trail wide enough for a full size crew cab truck?
–Dante (05/03/2019)
–Bill Andrews (05/04/2019)
Q: Do you think a vehicle with 8.5 inches of ground clearance at the lowest point could complete this trail? I notice there's a lot of bypasses but am still wondering if it's possible
–Chris Li (12/09/2017)
–Bill Andrews (12/10/2017)

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