Elvis Trail

4.9/5 (12 reviews)
Florence, Arizona (Pinal County)
Last Updated: 03/14/2023

Trail Information



The OHV region near Florence, Arizona, is loaded with legendary offroad trails for all types of vehicles. Hidden in one of the many washes, Elvis is widely known for its numerous rock waterfalls that challenge even the best-built rigs. There are many abandoned as well as active mines in the area. Legend has it the trail's name comes from a local miner’s dog that traveled along the route with him many years ago. Along the way, there are towering saguaros clinging to the rocky banks as you twist through a lush Sonoran desert. The terrain along this route is harsh, the rocks are sharp, and everything out there wants to poke or sting you. Continuing that theme, the rocky waterfalls are massive and intimidating, but with careful tire placement and a trusted spotter, navigating through the rocky maze is achievable. Stopping after conquering an obstacle and feeling a sense of accomplishment is the memorable part about Elvis.

Trail Difficulty and Assessment

Trail Navigation

Elvis is a 5-mile trail with five waterfalls that will challenge experienced drivers in a modified vehicle. The beginning of Elvis is an easy 3 miles of a sandy and rocky wash. The first waterfall is the gatekeeper. There are multiple ways up the waterfall, ranging from moderate to extreme. The gatekeeper tends to be where most carnage happens. With an enthusiastic group exploring all the optional obstacles along this route, the last two miles of the wash can take half a day. Waterfall 4 has an optional up-and-over climb that is the trail's stand-out obstacle.

A trusted spotter is highly recommended for all the rock sections. It's highly recommended you have a modified vehicle with a suspension lift, skid protection, and durable off-road tires. Front and rear lockers and 33" tires are needed to navigate all the rock obstacles. High-centering is a common occurrence for stock long-wheelbase vehicles. Bring proven recovery gear and have a good working spare tire. The rocks are sharp and plentiful.

Cattle can be on the trail. Be aware of weather conditions and the potential of flash flooding.

Trail Reviews

4.9/5 (12)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 03/14/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Great trail! We ran this in a 4Runner with 3 inch lift and 35’s. This trail has a great mix of obstacles, and you can definitely up the challenge by picking harder lines. If you take the bypasses and easier lines, I’d say most 4x4 vehicles will be fine. Super fun if you enjoy some gnarly, rock crawling type obstacles.
Official Crew
Rated 5/5
Visited: 06/11/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Did this for the first time as a night run. It was a ton of fun. I'm in a Gladiator with 3.5" lift and 35's. There was one spot that I got a high centered for a couple of minutes but that was more my mistake of not following my spotter better and also running it at night.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 11/18/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Have done this trail for past several years. little easier than rated. I have a JKU on wontons&40's so not difficult for my modified jeep. you do need lockers and fine on stock setup.
Official Crew
Visited: 07/07/2021

Arizona National Forests and State Lands are back open for travel. There are still some very important fire restrictions in place. These restrictions can often change by specific areas.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 12/13/2020

Fantastic trail, went with a few friends and camped out before hitting the trail. Fantastic weather in December, t-shirt and jeans. Some of the harder obstacles should be easily overcome with a good spotter and some meaty tires. I personally travelled this trail with my 95 Bronco on a 3.5" lift and 31's with no issues what so ever. Definitely would recommend to go in a group. Some full size vehicles will not fit through the squeeze but there's a passover to the left right before it. Will be back for sure.

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