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The Complete List of Jeep Badge of Honor Trails

If you enjoy collecting the badges you earn when completing Jeep's list of "Badge of Honor Trails" we have compiled a succinct list for you to start checking them off one by one.
Todd Taylor - September 17, 2021

Raceline Avenger Beadlock Wheels

In search of a strong, lightweight beadlock wheel with some specific dimensions, I found and decided on the Raceline Avengers.
Greg M - May 16, 2021

New Feature: Push GPX Files Directly to GAIA GPS

In our opinion, GAIA GPS is the number one navigation app.  Since our beginning, GAIA has been the number one tool we use for all things navigation, GPS, and research.  Based on the feedback we receive from the community, it seems that GAIA GPS is your number nav app as well.  With that, we are happy to announce that we have integrated the ability for you to push our Trails Offroad proprietary GPX files directly to GAIA GPS.
Todd Taylor - February 6, 2021

"The Overland Cook" - A cookbook by Marco A. Hernandez: Our Review

If your mind is a jumble of recipes, wondering how you could convert a traditional home recipe into something worth raving about while sitting at camp, look no further than Mr. Marco Hernandez, also known as the Overland Cook, or Ovrlndx. Marco has put together a fantastic cookbook aptly named The Overland Cook, for those of us wanting more than the mundane sandwich or hotdog. Straight off of the cover, you are immediately intrigued and drawn into his world of trailside gourmet.
TJ Bosworth - December 19, 2020

How to Convert a Camper Van into the Ultimate Mobile Home

How to Convert a Camper Van into the Ultimate Mobile Home Originally posted on Evan Dunn If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and hitting the open road, the dream might be easier to achieve than you think. You might not even have to quit your job . ...
Evan Dunn - November 14, 2020

Top 10 Motorcycle Rides In Nevada

The first thing that comes to our mind when you think about Nevada is Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. The fact is, this silver state has a lot more to offer than exotic hotels, gambling, casinos, and tempting luxury. Even though most of the land in the ...
Ryan Jackson - October 21, 2020