Colorado Full-Size Trails and OHV Permits

March 15, 2024
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If you are planning to explore Colorado this season, you'll want to make sure you are covered for the 80+ Full Size Trails that require a Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Permit. For those who acquired their permit previously, the tag requires renewal each year on March 31st. Our friends at Stay the Trail Colorado have put together a great page with information about the OHV Vehicle Permit and how it applies to trails in Colorado, as well as a list of the 80+ trails that require the permit. Let's cover some of the basics:

OHV Full-Size Trail Quick Info

  1. Full-Size Trails in Colorado are designed for recreational, motorized use rather than simply for transportation like most BLM and USFS roads.
  2. A Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Permit is required on any licensed/plated vehicle that is used for recreation on these trails.
  3. The permit must be displayed on any full-size vehicle traveling a Full-Size Trail regardless of license plate state origin or current registration status.
  4. Permits cost $25.25 and must be renewed annually. Permits are valid from the date of purchase to March 31st of the
    year displayed.


To learn more about what an OHV is, where the funds go, how to purchase, and a list of the Full-Size Trails in Colorado visit Stay the Trail Colorado. The Trails Offroad™ team is working to ensure each trail guide for the Colorado Full-Size Trails has a permit-required link active in the trail quick info section.

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Ariana grew up driving the dirt roads of southeastern Colorado before living in Denver where she was introduced to the offroad and overland community while exploring the Colorado Front Range. Now currently residing in Salt Lake City, Ariana heads up Marketing and Design for Trails Offroad. You can find her on the trail, always looking for the next amazing campsite in her 2004 Lexus GX470 with her two border collies.

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