Ivy Branch 97

Scout Route

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Hero: Ivy Branch 97
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Located in the northeast corner of the Ivy Branch Trail System, Ivy Branch 97 hides a monster hill climb deep within the thick trees, fit for only the bravest wheelers. This trail is best run starting from trail 37 and traversing the climbs in the uphill direction, traveling south towards trail 38. The trail is marked as a double black diamond trail, and rightfully so. Beginning immediately, the trail climbs a small series of rocks, making its way up a steep, 24-degree hill with a peppering of loose rock and shallow tire ruts. This first hill climb is a bit deceptive because it is only a taste of the real challenge coming along the last 400 feet of trail at the second hill climb. The final climb of the trail is a daunting 35-degree pitch with deep, 18" tire ruts and large, flat, moving rocks scattered across the hillside. Lockers, big tires, and a heavy throttle will be needed to conquer this hill successfully.

There is no camping onsite, but there are many cabin rentals nearby.

Hatfield-McCoy Trails are open 365 days a year, from sunup to sundown. Permits are required for all operators and passengers. Additionally, all drivers and passengers must wear a helmet on the trails. This includes full-size vehicles such as Jeeps.