Pinyon Peak Lookout

Scout Route
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Hero: Pinyon Peak Lookout
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Perched atop the rugged Pinyon Peak, the Pinyon Peak Lookout offers an enchanting vantage point that immerses visitors in the pristine splendor of the natural world. Like a silent sentinel, this lookout tower transports you to a timeless realm where the marvels of nature extend beyond the distant horizon. The road is very narrow, with switchbacks and parking space for three vehicles at the most. There are no camping areas on this trail.

Elevated at an impressive 9,947 feet, the Pinyon Peak Lookout provides an unparalleled vista of the surrounding terrain. With its 360-degree views, you'll gaze upon the jagged peaks of the Salmon River Mountains reaching for the heavens, their rocky spires creating a breathtaking panorama. Below, an idyllic tapestry unfolds, featuring alpine lakes, luxuriant forests, and hidden valleys.

Beyond its scenic allure, the Pinyon Peak Lookout carries historical significance as a designated Heritage Site. Its legacy stretches back to as early as 1908, when it played a pivotal role in fire detection. The current lookout structure was erected in 1931. To this day, it stands as one of the longest-staffed lookout points in the Middle Fork district, faithfully continuing its duty as a functional fire detection outpost.