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  • 2006 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (2" lift, 33" tires)
I have been around Off-road vehicles my whole life... in my younger years preferring 2 wheeled vehicles. Then I went and complicated my life and bought my first Jeep. I roll with a 2006 Wrangler TJ "Golden Eagle". I didn't plan on being a rock crawler when I got into this... still don't, but I will say that the little tastes of it that I have gotten have been a lot of fun and a big challenge in such a small Jeep. What I do like most about having a Jeep and going off-roading is seeing all of the sights that you cannot see from the asphalt roads... things that went by too damn fast when I was on a dirtbike, and things I used to have to hike 12 miles to see when I was on foot...

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2006 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 33"
2" Fox Lift, 33" Patagonia M/T tires, Currie Anti Rock, Adjustable Control Arms (front/back), LED Headlights, 10lb (home built)Powertank, Replaced hard-top screws with Wing nuts, Powertrax Lock Right Lunchbox (Front axle), New Battery (#1),

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The Bradshaw Trail (11/23/2022)
Over the course of this weekend and last I did about 70% of this “trail”. It’s a dirt road. Very easy. I went 40 at one point. Very easy. Quite scenic.
SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail (11/22/2022)
Reviewed this last weekend but did it today coming up from Bradshaw which is the opposite way I reviewed before. I found it to seem a little more challenging going this direction.
Meccaopia Jeep Trail (11/21/2022)
Nice easy drive. Some sand and a few ups and downs but nothing to worry about. Some very pretty views.
Painted Canyon (11/21/2022)
Very cool spot. The off roading part is easy. Some annoying wash board. But the canyon is awesome. Go to the end and walk up it. It was super cool.
SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail (11/12/2022)
I found this trail to be scenic, and a very easy path for taking new off roaders. There are a few areas that perhaps could be called challenging, but it will help build confidence in your new jeeper friends.
4S01 - Black Mountain (10/22/2022)
Decided to bring a few buddies with me this time. The harder parts of the trail are a little bit more chewed up than in past trips up here due to storm damage. I hear they close this road for winter, so I will probably not do it again until spring.
Chicken Corners (10/09/2022)
Felt like the longest day ever off roading. Took hours to get to the end and hours to get back. It was very scenic, but no more so than other more fun trails. Our least favorite trail of the weekend.
Willow Springs Road (10/08/2022)
We came in via US 191. It was a nice trail. A little crowded through the campgrounds then thinned out. Trail ends near the Balanced Rock turn off in the park.
Fins and Things (10/08/2022)
Me and my boy had a GREAT time on this trail! So much fun. Might have to do it again. Great vistas at sunset.
Eye of the Whale (10/08/2022)
I can’t argue with last review, hill is rutted. Was no problem for me open diff on 33’s in 4L. The Eye of the Whale was awesome. We hiked to it and had it all to ourselves. Was a really cool side trip off Willow Springs.
Potash Road (10/07/2022)
A really fun and dazzlingly beautiful road. Every turn and every hill brings new enchanting views.
Shafer Trail (10/07/2022)
A very easy road that provides insane views. Highly recommended.
Long Canyon (10/07/2022)
After going up Potash/Shafer, we came down this way. Lots of fun. Very scenic.
Hurrah Pass (10/06/2022)
Came up here after our long travel day just to explore a little bit. 11 hours to get there... and within 30 minutes of being in our motel room we decided to go off roading for a few hours before dark. LOL. …This is going to be a FUN weekend!!!
4S01 - Black Mountain (09/24/2022)
Came back here and was again wow’d by the wonderful scenery and fun trail. First part of the trail was very crowded then thins out once you pass the Fuller cut off.
Odessa Canyon (09/17/2022)
The group I was in wanted me to try this trail... at least the first half of it (starting from the bottom). My Goldie handled everything that the first half of the trail threw her way... but everyone said I would need lockers to go any further. Turning around mid trail was a lot of fun... lol.
Mud Hills Northern Route - Calico CA (09/17/2022)
I had a great time rolling around these mud hills. Weird scenery, some fun obstacles. 4 doors were in there with no problem, but not sure about long trucks. A lot of fun.
Mule Canyon (09/17/2022)
An easy trail (road) that leads into the heart of Calico... and more fun/challenging trails.
Phillips Canyon West Wash (09/17/2022)
Getting more and more fun as you climb up into the hills of Calico... but nothing too challenging here.
Kramer Arch (09/17/2022)
Make sure you have a good spotter if you are even a little bit nervous about this. I thought it would be like "The Squeeze", but it is much more technical that that.
Phillips Canyon West (09/17/2022)
A couple of good rocky hill climbs on this one. Not overly technical, but the bounciest trail that I encountered until we got to some of the red trails.
5S09 - San Jacinto Ridge (08/27/2022)
Great views and the spot with the river is beautiful. Hopefully the climate changes to more rain m so it flows again.
3S08 - Vista Grande (08/27/2022)
A little more scenic than Hurley. Tiny bit. Very easy trail, not intermediate at all. Pinstripping potential abound.
4S10 - East Indian Creek (08/27/2022)
Fire road. Easy trail. No obstacles. Great views.
3S09 - Hurley Flats (08/27/2022)
Other than the width I don’t know why this is intermediate. Pretty easy. Not high enough to be cooler. Lots of pin stripping.
4S01 - Black Mountain (08/21/2022)
I took this trail yesterday and enjoyed the amazing beauty of this portion of the forest that i don't get to very often. The views are amazing! I seriously was wondering why they gave this trail an intermediate rating, once you get to the "top", and the trail begins to go downhill, it does get a little more "fun". Nothing a Jeep can't handle. Very much worth the trip for the scenery alone, if not for the trail difficulty,
3N93 - Holcomb Creek Trail (08/13/2022)
Took the trail from east to west in my Goldie. We only did the trail to the 2N06X cut off since it was determined that Goldie would need lockers for the middle rock garden. The part of the trail we did do was very challenging but I made it through with no tugs with good spotting.
2N06X - Lower Larga Flats (08/13/2022)
We did this trail coming out from Holcomb Creek. This trail has some very tough obstacles. The hill climb looked pretty tough (we went downhill), and there was a few other spots that were tricky. Also, this trail has very little shade and is very exposed to the elements.
2N40 - Cloudland Truck Trail (08/06/2022)
Went up for sunset and to check out the city lights. Was well worth it and timed perfectly! The hang glider people are nucking futs.
3N07A - The Squeeze (07/30/2022)
My second time here. Such a marvel to behold with the scenery around Coyote Crag. Nothing overly difficult here but a lot of fun and very scenic.
3N43 - Harvey Mine (07/30/2022)
We didn’t even realize we were on this trail. More fun than just taking 3N16. Nothing too difficult.
3N83 - Upper Holcomb (07/30/2022)
Another trail we didn’t really intend on doing but we “wtf’d” it. Nothing too hard. Should be easy for most drivers in vehicles w some clearance.
3N08 - Holcomb Creek Road (07/30/2022)
Agree with the previous poster, added spice on our drive over to Coxy…. just in the opposite direction. More of a challenge than the dirt roads over here.
3N14 - Coxey Road (07/30/2022)
Used as an access road for a great day off roading in splendid high country.
3N16 - Holcomb Valley (07/30/2022)
Far as I can tell this road is used by campers and off roaders to get to other more interesting places. It served us well.
3N02 - Burnt Flats (07/30/2022)
Used it to get to John Bull East. Some puddles.
3N10 - John Bull East aka Little John Bull (07/30/2022)
A nice moderate rock trail, just like I like them. My Eagle struggled a little bit on one rock on the hill climb, different line worked. The v notch was not that horrible with good spotting. The bypass seemed harder due to a few boulders that were in the way. Pretty scenery. Good times.
Rattlesnake Canyon - RC3331 (07/24/2022)
I had only been on this trail as a passenger, and it was a lot more fun driving this time! Took all of the off shoots, including what my pals call "Kiddie Pool Cyn", which had the two hardest obstacles of the canyon. A nice long and hot ramble up this very pretty (is it under-rated for its beauty?) trail. Had a great day with all the guys and gals and cant wait to come back to this one... probably wait until it cools off a little bit though. Started this from the desert, and ran it up hill to 2N02, and then over to 2N01.
2N30 - Cloudland Cut Off (07/17/2022)
Did this, and a few of the off shoots, when we did the main trail/road. Saw the KFROG transmitter towers.
2N40 - Cloudland Truck Trail (07/17/2022)
A shelf road with great views the whole way pretty much. This would be a great night trail for the views. Plenty of places to pull of and admire the sprawl. Did a few of the off shoots, fun. Good times.
2N01 - Broom Flat (07/09/2022)
Used this road to get us back to Hwy 38 after a great day in this part of the “Big Bear” area. Mostly just dirt road, but some fun areas on the hilly parts.
2N70Y - Sidewinder Canyon (07/09/2022)
Came back to this trail after having so much fun a few weeks earlier. Had another great time. We had some folks in our group who had never done anything this challenging, as well as a friend with a lifted Liberty that goes “almost” everywhere. They all had a great time. It’s challenging enough to be a challenge, but short and sporty enough to keep it light. We had lunch at the shady swing spot. Great time had by all!!
2N10 - Mill Creek (07/09/2022)
Dirt road we used to get to Big Bear after several passengers in various Jeep’s got sketched on 1N54 at night. Very smooth. Easy. Dark af.
1N54 - Clarks Grade (07/09/2022)
Did this trail as a night run with a group of 6 or 7 Jeep’s. We started at the bottom and churned our way up this “hill”. For several hours. Certainly more of a ‘trail’ than most fire roads. Quite bumpy. Rocky. Some ruts. Lots of, what felt like, serious cliff exposure. Narrow. I had my top and doors off and looking down was a dark abyss. Very few places to turn around and even fewer passing zones. At one spot a tree had fallen down and been cleared, but the road got very narrow…. And that dark abyss was really dark and very abyss like. My kid actually got out and walked, and when he got back in frankly told me he wouldn’t be going down that way! It was narrow. And cold. And abyss. Turns out all the Jeep’s that had passengers had nervous people who gladly took in the news that we were not going home via 1N54…. But all the way around on Hwy 18 -> Hwy 38. No one objected. Coldest ride in my Jeep yet for this so cal boy. 60mph…. 52 degrees. No top or doors. Stupid Dave.
2N02 - Burns Canyon (07/09/2022)
Only was on this trail for the portion from 3N03 to 2N70Y. Encountered good trail conditions and many others out enjoying it. The only other time I was on this trail we went the other way, coming up from the desert.
3N03 - Smarts Ranch (07/09/2022)
Took this road from hwy18 to it’s end at 2N02. Had 10 Jeep’s in our group and didn’t encounter anyone on this trail. The last portion at the end was fun, and the newer folks in our group enjoyed it a lot.
1N45 Santa Ana River Road (07/08/2022)
A very easy dirt road through fantastic scenery. Perfect little road for our after dinner portion of the day. The burgers at 7 Oaks Resort are super good! We stopped at another river spot and got our feet wet again. Real easy road.
Middle Control Road - Big Bear (07/08/2022)
I have been going up and down this road for the last ten years, usually on two wheels or in my uncles truck. They live in Angelus Oaks. Now I have a Jeep and this road was as smooth as I have ever seen it. A group of 6 or 7 Jeep’s came with and we all congregated with our feet in the cool waters of the Santa Ana River. Beautiful escape from the heat below.
1N04 Front Line Road (07/08/2022)
Took this road back after the 7 oaks trail…. A little more fun with some curves and elevation gain. The beginners in our group all enjoyed themselves.
2N47 - Cleghorn Ridge (07/04/2022)
Went up here for my first time yesterday, on the 4th of July. I had avoided this place because of the crowds and I figured it was all rutted up from side by sides and Toyotas... it was super rutted up, especially the obstacles, but it was damn near empty out there. Perhaps everyone was home BBQing or something, but it was a ghost town up there and made it a lot more fun than what I was expecting. Close to home, and we had fun.
2N01 - Broom Flat (06/25/2022)
Took this trail from Hwy 38 to the backdoor of Heartbreak Ridge. Easy, moderately hilly route across a nice meadow.
2N61Y - Heartbreak Ridge (06/25/2022)
Wow. What a difference a month makes. Last time I was here in May, it was my first Moderate rated trail and my Jeep was stock. Now with my humble mods, it was a whole different experience going up this trail. We started at 2N01 and went to the top, and then took the northern trail down to 2N02. Last time I did not take that stretch of trail... pretty interesting going down that way. For those of you considering putting some money into mods for your Jeep should do so... it was awesome and a whole different experience going on this trail with a more capable jeep.
2N70Y - Sidewinder Canyon (06/25/2022)
My first time running this trail, we did it after we came off of Heartbreak Ridge. I don't know what it was about this trail, but I had a GREAT time on it. My slightly modified TJ made it through the whole trail without any damage and I was able to do the trail all the way through with no spotting. Some moderately challenging obstacles, but nothing too gnarly. I cant wait to do this trail again!
Gobbler's Knob Spur (06/19/2022)
Went on this spur while doing 3N31Y. Had lunch at the Knob. Did not see any PCT thru hikers as I have in the past. Bummer, I thought they would like some cold water on such a tough day to be making that climb through this segment of the PCT. I'll look out for yall next time. Trail was easy to drive and navigate.
3N31Y - Upper Lytle Creek Divide (06/19/2022)
Took this trail yesterday with my youngest, just to get out of the house. Very easy trail to drive and navigate, as noted in its rating. Views are great to the south (Baldy range) and north into the Cajon Pass and into the desert. Fun times, with lunch at Gobblers Knob.
3N16 - Holcomb Valley (06/12/2022)
Took this trail after doing 2N02 up from the desert... made for a long day on the trail, but the beautiful scenery on both trails made it worth it. Nothing too hard here, but good practice for new drivers, and an amazing day out in the wilderness even for the best of drivers. Good times!
2N02 - Burns Canyon (06/12/2022)
Took this trail from Rimrock/Pioneertown up to Baldwin Lake (...and continued on 3N16 doing that whole trail). Great scenery and an easy road with a few somewhat challenging spots. Took a person who had never driven their Jeep on off road terrain... she loved it. Took a guy with a stock Tahoe, he loved it. Took someone with a slightly lifted KK, he loved it. So... we loved it. Good times, and amazing scenery.
3N07A - The Squeeze (06/04/2022)
This, so far, is the best trail I have been on... if only it was 5 miles long! As a reviewer earlier said, the "main squeeze" is just that, but I noticed several other squeezes to be navigated as well... just not as challenging. The scenery was absolutely amazing, being amongst the Coyote Crag and its forest. Breathtaking beauty. The big drop off caught my hitch, but no harm no foul. I cant wait to go back to this trail again... loved it!
3N69 – Gold Mountain (06/04/2022)
My first Badge of Honor Trail. Was super crowded on this beautiful Saturday morning, lots of vehicles waiting to go up this busy trail. The trail itself, prior to any obstacles, is rough and rocky. Lots of great views open up pretty quickly as you gain elevation. My Jeep made it up the first waterfall without a problem, but could not get up the ledge of the 2nd waterfall without being winched up. The short wheelbase of my TJ just wouldn't get the traction needed. Next time I go, I will attempt the right line to get my revenge! LOL. The rest of the trail was fun and more rough rocky progress was made. Eventually we ended up at 3N16 and our day was done here on Gold Mtn. I want to come back and make it up the 2nd waterfall.