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  • 2016 Ram 1500 (Stock lift, 32" tires)
  • 2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ (4" lift, 40"+ tires)
Hi, I'm Ryan! I am a Colorado native and I've been wheeling since I was 16 years old. I grew up with a relentless passion for all things Jeep and off road related, and that passion has never died out. I am a member of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club, and currently own a customized '05 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) with a 5.7 Hemi swap. I am a huge supporter of Stay the Trail and Tread Lightly, and have participated and even been in charge of many trail restoration projects. I have been a trail leader several times for events such as All-4-Fun, ColoradoFest, Set Them Free, 14er Fest, and others. I am also the creator of the Unlimited LJ Adventure. My rig is built for extreme offroading, but I love to get my tires dirty on any kind of trail whether it's rock crawling or just scenic high Alpine drives. I've wheeled all over the country and love a great adventure, especially if I get to share those adventures with others.

My Garage (2)

2016 Ram 1500

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"

2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ

Lift Size: 4"
Tire Size: 40"+
Too much to list. Custom everything. Come see it in person and ask me any questions you want.

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Windrock 51: Panther Rock (11/10/2022)
Reading some of the reviews on the Badge of Honor app, I was expecting this trail to be pretty difficult. It was not at all as some people described, but still a fun trail, and the overlook is totally awesome! It definitely has some washout spots that are probably tricky when it's wet, but the park as a whole has tons of washouts that are tricky when wet. And the ruts/washouts along this trail are very mild in comparison to other trails closer to the general store. Out of all 3 Badge of Honor trail in Windrock, I would rate this one as the easiest in terms of difficulty and the second best for scenery.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (10/20/2022)
Closed for the 2022 season. See you in 2023.
Ptarmigan Pass (08/26/2022)
The Wearyman Cteek section of the road has finally been repaired and the entire trail is open end to end for the first time since 2019.
Cliff Creek (08/24/2022)
Lots of great camping spots and very scenic. I was here on a weekday after some of the country had started school, and there were a lot of open campsites, but I imagine with how close it is to Jackson and Teton, this place is usually pretty busy during the heart of summer and the weekends. Campsites all look well used.
Holy Cross City (08/19/2022)
Still one of my all-time favorite trails! Ran up with the Forest Service to scout out some future maintenance needs, like adding new winch points since most of the old winch points are in locations that are hard to use now. Last year's flash flood changed french creek a little. It moved a lot of the big boulders so the lines are different than they once were. The Knotch is getting more and more dug out each year, so that obstacle is only going to continue to get larger. Overall the trail was in pretty good condition.
Monument Ridge (08/17/2022)
This is a hard trail to rate. For offroading when it's dry, it's a 2, maybe a 1. Not super exciting to drive, not hard, just sort of "blah". If there has been a lot of moisture, I can see this being a real mud fest which would definitely make it harder and more exciting. For scenery and views... it's a total 5! If you are lucky enough to be up there on a clear day, you won't regret it!
Wickes Road (08/16/2022)
What an opportunity this trail is! The 4wheeling and scenery might be more like a 3 or 4 star rating, but the experience is far beyond a 5. The train tunnel is beyond impressive and really cool to see. The old towns you drive through are really cool to see as well. Hard to believe this is just a short distance off the highway and most people probably drive right on by not knowing what they are missing.
Wild Bill - Eagle Mountain Trail aka Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV Trail System (08/15/2022)
What a great trail! Best trail in the network in my opinion. The obstacles here can definitely challenge any vehicle. If planning to do all three legs of this trail system, I would definitely do this one last as doing any other one last will leave you disappointed.
Wild Bill - Truman Creek (08/15/2022)
Kind of a boring trail. A couple of instances where the views aren't bad, and seems really remote compared to the popularity of the other nearby trails. Without any camping along this road, it's not very exciting for a full size vehicle. Maybe on an ATV or SXS it's more fun because you can move faster and shoot all of the little spurs in no time at all.
Original Blacktail OHV Trail (08/14/2022)
Although super short, this trail is a great addition to the main Blacktail trail if you are looking for a few small entertaining obstacles. Probably not good for trucks without lifts, and probably not good if two big groups met each other, but definitely more fun than staying on the main Blacktail road to Truman Saddle as it's just a boring dirt road in that stretch.
Upper Dayton Creek OHV Trail aka Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV Trail System (08/14/2022)
This trail is definitely more fun than Blacktail! At least for a full-size 4wd vehicle. Tons of obstacles with more variety and more that you can attempt without fear of getting turtled on nearly every obstacle. Fun trail and definitely worth the trip!
Blacktail OHV Trail aka Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV Trail System (08/14/2022)
Fun trail to get your feet wet with the trail system. It is definitely very unique to see a FS road with a bunch of obstacles off the sides of it. Although I would rate the obstacles along this trail as the smallest obstacles along the trail system, many of them have breakover angles that just aren't suitable for full-size 4wd vehicles. Definitely more suitable for ATVs and side by sides. Now that doesn't mean Jeeps and trucks can't have fun along this leg. There are definitely fun obstacles. Just don't be surprised if you end up passing several of the obstacles, or spending a lot of time winching because you got turtled.
Devils Head Trailhead and Campground Road (08/10/2022)
Road and campground is back open after maintenance.
Schofield Pass (07/31/2022)
The big rocks in the aforementioned reports about the rock slide, have been cleared and the trail is finally open end to end for the year. Be advised, the rock slide areas do still have some debris on them that will require higher clearance then the rest of the trail, at least until these piles get beat down a bit by traffic.
Marshall Pass (07/28/2022)
Great alternative to Monarch Pass!! The road is easy and I felt like the west side is the better side. Although there was a ton of cows grazing and leaving cowpies along the road, the wildlife potential seemed way higher on that side than the east side. Did see several deer along the drive. Lot's of great campsites and spread far enough from each other you wouldn't have close neighbors.
Cunningham Gulch (07/27/2022)
Super easy trail and very popular. With a lot of traffic. There are some great campsites along the trail if you are lucky enough to grab an open spot. During the middle of the week wasn't too bad. The fishing at Highland Mary Lakes was highly recommended and was said to be some of the best fishing around. Every fisherman I saw said it didn't matter what bait they used, they were pulling in fish left and right.... I was not so lucky. I didn't matter what I tried, I left empty-handed. Oh well, pretty typical for my fishing, so at least it was a great drive and hike.
South Fork (Illium Road) AKA County Road 63L (07/24/2022)
Simple dirt road with a couple of interesting pull-offs and good views of the river. Definitely more interesting than taking the highway and the fall colors should be epic here!
Sunshine Mesa (07/24/2022)
This was a fantastic trail find! If you are looking for a great 4x4 road, this is not it. But if you are looking for great views of all sorts of stuff, THIS IS YOUR TRAIL! It's just cool. And I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the fall.
NFSR 815.1 (07/20/2022)
Still closed per Order # ARP‐SRD‐2022‐03
NFSR 814.1 (07/20/2022)
Still closed per Order # ARP‐SRD‐2022‐03
Morrison Jeep Trail (07/14/2022)
The trail only partially open, on the north end only between waypoints 9-6. This is due to severe flooding damage in June 2022 that washed away the beginning of the trail and created some rock slides on the switchbacks. Visit the Forest Order here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/shoshone/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5175892&width=full.
Imogene Pass (07/11/2022)
San Miguel County reported today that the road is now open the entire way through their county. Bridge work is complete, and snow had been plowed.
Mosquito Pass (07/10/2022)
Last remaining snow drift has been broken through. Expect lingering snow for a few more days that could be troublesome for a stock vehicle, but otherwise open end to end.
Middle Fork Swan River (07/10/2022)
All free of snow now.
Pearl Pass (07/08/2022)
Snow still blocking the trail on the Aspen side.
Schofield Pass (07/08/2022)
snow bridge still blocking the trail below the punchbowl.
Clear Lake (07/06/2022)
Black Bear Pass (07/03/2022)
Trail has melted out all the way through and is now passable for the season
Old Fall River Road (07/01/2022)
Road is now open per the park service.
Twelvemile Lake (06/30/2022)
Open for the season
Grizzly Jeep Trail (06/30/2022)
Open for the season
White Owl Lake (06/30/2022)
open for the season
Big Red Park Road (06/30/2022)
Open for the season
SOB Hill (06/30/2022)
Open for the season. Some snow still remains in the trees
Bard Creek (06/29/2022)
Clear all the way through.
Bill Moore Lake (06/29/2022)
I have done this trail many times in my Jeeps, over many different builds from stock to highly modified. Because of that, I think I underestimated this trail. ANd I possibly overestimated the offroad capabilities of my stock ram. I tried heading up Bill Moore yesterday and the washouts and exposed rocks up through the switchbacks worked the truck over bad. The switchback at wp5 is super dug out and had the truck just spinning two tires on the way up. I made it through, but had to use momentum and really scrapped the running boards. I made it just past The Chute where I continued to bang the running boards. Rather than risk rocker damage, I opted to turn around. When I had to negotiate the switchback again at wp5, the truck was teeter tottering on 2 wheels. Wish I has someone else there to take photos. I am sure a taller stock truck could negotiate the trail, but for mine, I'm gonna have to stick to smoother roads.
Chinns Lake (06/29/2022)
Chinns Lake is still impassable to the lake by vehicle. If you plan to visit this weekend, know that the official road is still blocked by 2 large snow drifts before you get to the lake. Some irresponsible users are making paths around the drifts through the trees to get to camp spots and the lake. Please don't do that. Know where the official road is and Don't follow something just because someone else made tracks. The first drift could easily be busted open with a couple of determined folks, a few shovels, or a winch. But the second one is probably going to need a another week or 2.
Red Cone (06/25/2022)
Happy to report Red Cone is now open for the season as well as the north side gate of Webster Pass. The snow cornice on the top of webster is still huge and several weeks away from being passable. Untilthat melts, you can only exit Red Cone by traversing the north side of Webster, into the then of Montezuma. Remember that from the summit, it is a one-way trail downhill only. If you are in an unlicensed vehicle, you will have no way of returning to the start of Red Cone if you opt to continue down from the summit. You can easily see the snow blockage from the top of Red Cone, so there is no reason someone should not know it was blocked. Both Webster signs will read closed until the pass is fully melted out.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (06/25/2022)
Trail has been cleared by the adopted club, a d the trail is now open for the season.
Webster Pass (06/25/2022)
Happy to report the seasonal gate on the Dillon Side is now open. The snow cornice at the top is still huge as always, so you cannot yet connect the two sides.
Wheeler Lake (06/21/2022)
Trail is now open to the lake.
Medano Pass (06/16/2022)
NPS reported today the pass is entirely open.
Tincup Pass (06/15/2022)
Last remaining drift was shoveled open by local user. Pass is now open, but be prepared for deep water on the tincup side
Clear Lake (06/13/2022)
Road has been temporarily closed due to repair work.
Mosquito Pass (06/12/2022)
Still blocked by snow and impassable above treeline.
Bunce School Road (06/11/2022)
All seasonal gates have been opened. Right after Waypoint 10 there is a new obstacle created by erosion that will up the rating. Update to the guide to come shortly. We ran the trail in the opposite direction today.
T-33 Plane Crash (06/11/2022)
Trail is in pretty rough shape. A lot of exposed rocks and the major obstacles at waypoint 4 and 7 are much more dug out now. I still think the rating is accurate, but it's a consistent 5 through 90% of the trail now and not just a couple of spots. Trail is still super tight with not a lot of places to pass oncoming traffic, but the end can fit like 8 vehicles or more I'd say.
Boulder County 93 aka Switzerland North (06/10/2022)
This is a really easy trail that makes for a nice day in the mountains, not far from the city. In the winter, it is an excellent place to go snow wheeling.
Inspiration Point (06/10/2022)
Total hidden gem for great camping! The day I was there, most of the spots were open, but I can't imagine this area does not fill up on the weekends. The views along the trail are great, and even if you are just driving by, it is totally worth the 40-minute detour to see the sights.
Warden Gulch (06/07/2022)
Open for the season. Be prepared for lingering snow drifts.
Coffee Pot Road (06/07/2022)
Road is open to just a little beyond waypoint 10 where there is solid, 4' of snow.
Ryan (06/06/2022)
The seasonal gate on lost park is now open, making these trails open and accessible. Reports of little to no snow on the trails.
Holy Cross City (06/06/2022)
Holy Cross will be closed June 6th - 17th due to road construction on roads 704 and 727.
Topaz Mountain/Wallace Gulch (06/06/2022)
The seasonal gate on lost park is now open, making these trails open and accessible. Reports of little to no snow on the trails.
Bonis Creek (06/06/2022)
The seasonal gate on lost park is now open, making these trails open and accessible. Reports of little to no snow on the trails.
Banana Peel (06/06/2022)
The seasonal gate on lost park is now open, making these trails open and accessible. Reports of little to no snow on the trails.
Halfmoon Creek (06/03/2022)
No closure this season, but trail is not fully passable yet.
21 Road (06/03/2022)
Ran as part of the Rock Junction event. Trail has changed a bit since last time I was there, but thats why I love this trail so much. It's a bit different every time you go because the water flows can move boulders, fill spots in, or expose more boulders. I love it! A few obstacle photo updates coming.
Billings Canyon Access Road (06/02/2022)
The Gunnison River really is the highlight of this trail, It has some cool views, but hanging out at the river and just chilling back a while was exactly the thing to do on a hot day! The difficult spot at waypoint 6 is not bad unless you take a terrible line. No matter what direction you are going, just hug the uphill wall and you won't have an issue. The downhill cliff side is where the rock is tallest and the road erodes away a bit.
Windmill Road (06/02/2022)
Can't say I've ever visited a Windmill before, so that was definitely unique. The road feels very remote at times, and yet cell service is pretty good. Combining this with Billings Canyon Access Road makes for a nice half day loop.

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