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  • 2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2.5" lift, 35" tires)
  • 2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2" lift, 35" tires)
Todd is an avid wheeler who loves to explore new trails whenever and wherever he can. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that holds true for Todd. His want and desire to find passable trails and new nooks and crannies of the Great American West to explore were his reasons behind starting On any given weekend you can find Todd on some obscure 4x4 trail or using his legs to hike to an alpine lake.

My Garage (2)

2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"

2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 35"
3.0 EcoDiesel with the Ursa Minor top. 2" Mopar Lift on Falken 35" MT.

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Corkscrew Pass (06/22/2022)
I have always wanted to run this road and finally got my chance. I ran it in the opposite direction of the guide and saw two other vehicles on the way. The switchback portion, Waypoints 7-8, were narrow but flat and with good visibility of any oncoming traffic. In a JKU, two or three of the switchbacks were two-point turns. Around Waypoint 3-4 was interesting geography formed by the tailing piles and what looked like must have been a wicked landslide a few years ago. While easy, you have to be comfortable with narrow and switchbacks
Loch Lomond (06/15/2022)
The lower gate is now open. The upper gate, that allows driving to the lake, will be July 15th(as scheduled) unless the snow isn’t melted in time.
Devil's Canyon (06/15/2022)
Open for the season! Please stay "on" the trail!
Barbour Fork (06/15/2022)
Open for the season! Please say on the trail!
Cumberland Pass (05/28/2022)
Per the MVUM the road is technically open. It is reported that some snow drifts remain on the road.
Los Pinos - Cebolla Pass (05/28/2022)
Per the MVUM the road is technically open.
Point Sublime (05/15/2022)
The North Rim is now open. Trail conditions unknown at this time.
Mary's Loop (Hawkeye Road) (05/01/2022)
I took this so I could officially say I have driven the entire Kokopelli route - which this road is where it starts. Wide graded road leading to biking trailheads with a view of I-70 almost the entire time.
Kokopelli Road (04/30/2022)
On my way driving the entire Kokopelli Route, I drove this section mid-afternoon on a Saturday and it was packed! I would recommend starting early or avoiding the Saturday crowds. Overall, the trail was amazingly beautiful, with views you just don't see anywhere. Being late April, all of the grasses were green adding to the visual impact.
Golden Spike (04/15/2022)
I really enjoyed this one. Non stop obstacles on the north end!
Flat Iron Mesa (04/02/2022)
This trail was an absolute blast! It's a test of not only your driving skill, vehicle, and mental awareness but also stamina! Allow 5-hours for almost non-stop rock crawling!
Deadman Spring (03/31/2022)
What a pleasant surprise for being such a short trail. I really enjoyed the destination, the sound of dripping water and grass growing in the desert was a real treat!
Hook and Ladder OHV #1 (Cameo Cliffs) (03/27/2022)
This really was a great route! I enjoyed started off low in the sandy desert slickrock environment and climbing to almost 7,000’. Nothing to challenging on the road, but challenging enough to keep it interesting.
Salt Creek Canyon (03/25/2022)
Closed to flash flood damage. No determined date for reopen.
Shafer Trail (03/11/2022)
The NPS has opened the road. Enjoy!
Klondike Bluffs (03/09/2022)
I updated the trail guide video, you will notice different vehicles in the video than the trail guide, the rating remains the same.
Klondike Bluffs Escape via Baby Steps (03/08/2022)
We updated the video, photos and added additional information to depict the rocky nature of this trail.
Bartlett Flat (03/03/2022)
From the top of Barlett Overlook, I have looked at this trail and always said to myself, "one day, I will do that trail". For years, I have driven right by the trailheads and said to myself, "one day, I will do that trail". Well, today was the day I finally ventured back into this area. Seldom used as compared to its more famous neighbors, this trail was a pure joy driving a mix of deep sand, sandstone, and portions of plain dirt. The views were pretty incredible, following the cliff walls to the south.
South Salt Creek (02/28/2022)
Officially closed for the season!
Morrison Jeep Trail (02/28/2022)
Officially closed for the season!
Cumberland Pass (02/28/2022)
Officially closed for the season!
3N08 - Holcomb Creek Road (02/25/2022)
The trail should be open now after being temporarily closed due to the related construction activity.
3N08 - Holcomb Creek Road (02/25/2022)
The trail should be open now after being temporarily closed due to the related construction activity.
3N14 - Coxey Road (02/25/2022)
The trail should be open now after being temporarily closed due to the related construction activity.
3N93 - Holcomb Creek Trail (02/25/2022)
The trail should be open now after being temporarily closed due to the related construction activity.
3N93 - Holcomb Creek Trail (02/25/2022)
The trail should be open now after being temporarily closed due to the related construction activity.
Shafer Trail (02/01/2022)
Closed due to hazardous ice and snow conditions. There is currently no anticipated date of reopening. Potash Road is recommended as an alternative. Check here for the most up to date info:
White Rim (02/01/2022)
From the NPS: White Rim Road 4WD: open, expect winter conditions - snow and ice can create hazardous driving conditions on some terrain. Ice may remain in shaded sections long after it has snowed. Anticipate some rough sections, washouts, and areas of rockfall that must be negotiated after summer storms. Murphy Hogback and Hardscrabble Hill are currently not recommended for 4WD vans and similar vehicles due to erosion impact. A recent rockslide on the Lathrop Road to the Lathrop Day Use Area has made this road difficult - the Lathrop Road is currently NOT recommended for stock 4WD vehicles or inexperienced drivers.
Dubinky Well Road (01/30/2022)
I ran this today to connect to a few other trails. I like this road, but it’s hard to rate it super high with so many great roads in the area. Definitely do it if you are in the area
New River Canyon (01/23/2022)
We have updated this trail guide with new photos of the obstacles formed by the monsoons of 2021. As always, I enjoy this trail being so close to home. It is hard enough to keep out the masses and is extremely interesting with the various rock formations and vegetation along the route. Diverse from end to end, I put this as a must-do trail near Phoenix!
Price Road (01/22/2022)
We ran Price road to get into other roads in the area. It is a decent access road and is pretty in itself, but the better prizes are what this road leads you to!
Sandman Road (01/21/2022)
This was a great trail and I ran it in reverse of how it’s laid out in this guide. Fun hill climbs, great views of the mountains and healthy Saguaro made for a fun day! Trail rating is being set to adjust for current conditions. If you run the trail in the direction of the guide, it will be a hair more difficult than running it in reverse.
King Road (01/08/2022)
For being a main and maintained road it sure does pack a punch for scenery!! FYI- if you are traveling with a group, be the first vehicle to mitigate dust intake!
Polaris (01/08/2022)
We drove just to the mine and spent a good couple hours exploring it and wow, this mine had plenty to check out and see. When you get to the parking area distance is very deceiving and it’s a further walk up to the mine area than it looks!
Red Raven Road (01/07/2022)
For a connector road, this road is great! Fun short climbs and great views of the mountains driving to the west.
Engesser Pass (01/07/2022)
Must do and 5 star. From end to end this trail provides fun driving and amazing views and offers amazing camping on its western half. For me, if i only had one day in Kofa, I would do this trail!
Kofa Manganese Road (01/07/2022)
The beauty of this road starts from the pass all the way to it’s southern end. The ridge line towards the southern end may be my favorite part as it provides wide open views in all directions.
Hovatter Road (01/06/2022)
We ran this from north to south and had a blast! The view of Coyote Peak was imposing and impressive for most of the trail. Once past the peak, the trail feels remote. Hovatter Homestead was a great place to camp and rest up before continuing the journey through Kofa.
Wilbanks Road (01/05/2022)
On a weekday, we drove the trail from the northern trailhead to the monument. Always a fun time and even better that we saw only one other person. I can say I like the trail better from its southern end.

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