Elbe Hills OHV - Busywild Trail

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5/5 (1 reviews)
Elbe, Washington (Pierce County)
Last Updated: 03/11/2019
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The BusyWild Trail is the premier trail of the Elbe Hills OHV area. This was the trail JKX "The JK Experience" featured in 2014, it was also the trail that did the most damage to their rigs. In season, the "Busy" is just another trail with rocks and stumps; out of season, (winter) it is to say the least, a mess, a bumper crushing, diff smashing, body denting, window breaking, mirror ripping, mess! Dugout walls of dirt, rocks and tree roots can dwarf even the most lifted vehicles. Off camber holes on tight turns where the only way around are to use your rock sliders or even your mirrors to push you into the right track. Dual lockers, body armor, a winch, and a minimum of 36" tires are the recommended equipment; with good lines and determination a lesser built rig can conquer the trail, but it is not recommended out of season.

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Trail Reviews

5/5 (1)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 06/30/2020

Believe the hype, this trail is serious. This trail is not similar to the other difficult Elbe trails, it is vastly more technical. When wet you WILL sustain damage.

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