Rainbow Rim

Moab, Utah (Grand County)

Last Updated: 07/12/2022
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Highlight: Rainbow Rim
Driving out to the point and walking up to the edge of Rainbow Rim is breathtaking. The adrenaline rush of slowly approaching the edge of the 400-foot vertical cliff is something you will never forget. There are countless overlooks in the Moab area that require quite a bit of effort to reach either on foot or in a Jeep. Rainbow Rim is an excellent way for the family or a group to experience the feeling of walking up to a breathtaking overlook without committing to an arduous all-day beat down. This memorable trail has no rock crawling or challenging obstacles with which to contend. Instead, there is a mild mix of Moab-type terrain to entertain even the seasoned wheeler.
For individual use only, not to be shared.