Pit Overlook 4W-321

Cle Elum, Washington (Kittitas County)

Last Updated: 03/11/2019
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Highlight: Pit Overlook 4W-321
One of the many trails within the "Liberty OHV Area", the Pit Overlook is named for the unbelievable view from the top of the trail. Overlooking the eastern slopes of the Northern Cascade Mountain Range, this 4WD trail in the Swauk/Table Mountain Area runs through Deer Gulch near the town of Liberty. It is a loop trail which joins Crystal Ridge trail after one of it's more difficult obstacles. A fairly flat trail which is very scenic and runs through mostly rock shale, the route has gentle variations in elevation, some twists through trees and includes a couple of hill-climbs. The midway spur provides a majestic view of the valley below and the higher snow capped peaks of the surrounding Northern Cascades. Extremely scenic, this trail is only the beginning of the beauty and majesty of the Liberty area, have your camera ready at all times.


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
At the end of Spur 115 you will find a small staging area in front of the entrance to Crystal Ridge trail (4W319) and the Pit Overlook trail (4W321). Both are marked with standard fiberglass brown NF markers. Pit Overlook breaks over the mound to the right and continues on a wide path into the trees breaking out onto a shelf road of limited width. Be careful of oncoming traffic as this portion of the trail can accommodate higher speeds.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Cle Elum

From Cle Elum, travel east on Highway 903 about a half mile, continue on Highway 10 E / 970 E out of town, bear left to stay on 970, travel about 7.5 miles, where it will merge with US HWY 97, continue heading North approximately 3 miles. As you near the small town of Liberty, you will turn east onto Liberty Road just after crossing over Swauk Creek. Head east on Liberty Road, drive approximately 3/4 mile to the entrance of the campground (Liberty/Williams Creek) and make a right onto Pine Gulch Road. The entrance to the campground is on the right at the bottom of the hill, the entrance also makes for a good spot to unload and park if trailering or to just air down and prep your vehicle for the trail. Continuing past the campground, after 8/10 of a mile look for a sharp right hand turn onto NF-9726, follow it for about 3/10 of a mile to a slight right hand turn onto an unmarked road (spur 115) going downhill through some S-curves, the road is wide and there are other spurs off this road, just follow what is obviously the main road. Another 3/10 of a mile you will find the trailhead for both Crystal Ridge (4W319) and Pit Overlook (4w321). Over the mound and a slight right leads you onto Pit Overlook. (NOTE: 9726 and 9726-115 are open to OHVs as well as street-legal vehicles. (Use caution on the road.)



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