Gemini Bridges

Moab, Utah (Grand County)

Last Updated: 04/17/2022
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Highlight: Gemini Bridges
Gemini Bridges is not only a beautiful shortcut and scenic route through to the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands but also an option for vehicles that would like to get off the pavement and don't have four-wheel drive. The trail is named after the Gemini Bridges Arch Formation which is located right off of the trail and has a short hike to the top of it. This trail can be used to access Metal Masher, Bull Canyon, Arths Pasture, and Gold Bar Rim. The end of the trail will drop you at Highway 313 which is the paved road through the park that will connect you to many other formations including Upheaval Dome, Aztec Buttes, and Mesa Arch, to name just a few.


Route Information

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Recommended Vehicle:
2WD Vehicle with High Clearance
The road is mostly packed dirt the entire way through.

Technical Rating

Dirt and/or rocky road. Potential rocks and/or tree stumps less than 8" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 9" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 12" inches. Good tire placement likely. Can be steep but with good traction.
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Gemini Bridges Bridges Road is mostly compacted dirt and rock with a rocky shelf portion on the far east side. It connects Highway 191 to Highway 313. The road also serves as the main gateway to several other trails that include Gold Bar Rim, Metal Masher, Bull Canyon, Four Arches, Arths Pasture, Arths Road, and The Boulevard. The shelf road portion can sometimes get chewed up in wet weather causing it to be more rough at certain times, but overall the road is suitable for most SUV type vehicles.


1. Gemini Bridges Trailhead (0 mi)
Just a couple miles north of Moab is the Trailhead. The road is well marked with signs. There are large parking lots that charge a small fee for parking. Continue beyond the parking lots up the road.
2. BLM Kiosk (0.9 mi)
Here is some information regarding this area, also known as "Klondike Flats".
3. Shelf Road (1.2 mi)
The road quickly climbs about six hundred vertical feet along the edge of a cliff. This is the most difficult portion of the road.
4. Hill (2.1 mi)
This is the highest point on the shelf section.
5. Bride Arch and Camping (3.9 mi)
A turn to the east will take you down a sandy wash to Bride Arch and to five marked camping areas.
6. Gooney Bird Rock (4.1 mi)
This is the formation known as Gooney Bird Rock. There is a small area to pull off and take pictures right at the base of the rock. The views of this formation are better further up the road. Legend has it that driving close enough to pass a tire over the base of this formation is thought to ward off misfortune on the trail.
7. Gold Bar Rim Trailhead (4.8 mi)
Follow the road up the hill to continue on Gemini Bridges Road. Turn left (east) for the Gold Bar Rim Trailhead.
8. Scenic (4.9 mi)
At the top of the hill is a good overview of the valley you just came from and Gooney Bird Rock.
9. Bull Canyon Trailhead (5.2 mi)
Continue straight on the main road. Turning south here will take you down into Bull Canyon, where you can hike to the underside of the Gemini Bridges.
10. Metal Masher Trailhead (6 mi)
Continue straight. Turn right for the Metal Masher Trailhead.
11. La Sal Mountains Overlook (6.3 mi)
Views from along the trail.
12. Hiking Trailhead (7.1 mi)
Hiking and biking trailheads.
13. Bypass (7.2 mi)
Continue straight.
14. Scenic (7.3 mi)
Another great vantage point. There is a small parking lot here for hiking down to the formation.
15. Gemini Bridges Hiking Trailhead (7.4 mi)
A good reason to get out and stretch. You won't regret this short hike to the bridges from here.
16. Bypass (7.5 mi)
Turn left (northwest) and follow the main road.
17. Four Arches Trailhead (8.3 mi)
Turn right (north) to follow Gemini Bridges Road. Turn left (south) to explore Four Arches.
18. Arths Pasture and the Boulevard Trailhead (9 mi)
Continue straight. Turning northeast here will take you into Arths Pasture or Boulevard Trails.
19. Arths Pasture Road Trailhead (9.2 mi)
Continue straight. Turning northeast here will take you into Arths Pasture Road.
20. Gemini Bridges End (12.9 mi)
You are back on pavement. This is the end of Gemini Bridges Road. Turning north will take you back out to Highway 191. Turning south will take you to Island in the Sky.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Moab, Utah

Head north on Highway 191, continue north for approximately 2 miles. Turn left at the entrance for Gemini Bridges Road. There are three large parking lots here for trailers and airing down. Continue beyond the parking lots up the dirt road. This is the start of Gemini Bridges Road.


There are free camping sites near Bride Arch (Waypoint 5). You will find soft sandy spots to pop a tent in the designated camping areas. Portable toilets are required for this area.
Camping: Gemini Bridges

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