Baker Creek Trail

Liberty, Washington (Kittitas County)

Last Updated: 08/15/2021
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Highlight: Baker Creek Trail
If you think hill climbs are no big deal, you definitely haven't played on these trails in the Liberty OHV. Rising over 2,000 feet in just over 3 miles, these hill climbs will have you definitely a little bit puckered and your passengers looking for hand-holds. Just when you thought, "That's got to be the steepest hill climb I have ever done!" another even steeper comes at you around the corner. The rewards of these climbs are the staggering views of the surrounding valleys and Mt. Rainier way off in the distance. Baker Ridge Trail is one of many trails located in the Liberty OHV area. Along with a few others, this trail is located on the west side of US Highway 97. These trails are significantly harder than those in the rest of the Liberty OHV on the east side of US Highway 97. In addition to the hill climbs, there are switchbacks, a creek crossing, and some beautiful mountain meadows where you might see some deer or elk. This is a must-do trail if you are in the area.
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