Crystal Geyser Road (Little Valley Road)

4/5 (9 reviews)
Green River, Utah (Grand County)
Last Updated: 04/22/2022

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Crystal Geyser is a popular destination for off-roaders in Moab and Green River, Utah. Located only a few miles Southeast of Green River, Utah, Crystal Geyser is an example of a cold-water, carbon dioxide driven geyser. Geothermal activity is not involved in the geyser’s eruption. The tangerine, copper, and white colors deposited around the geyser’s base add a vibrant hue to an otherwise gray countryside. Crystal Geyser Road, also known as Little Valley Road, is the easiest and most direct way to the geyser itself. Several 4x4 trails meander through the rugged country between Moab and Green River and terminate at this very spot. One route, which is used during Moab’s Easter Jeep Safari, is called the Crystal Geyser Jeep Route. If you chose another route to the geyser, Crystal Geyser Road is the easiest way to depart the area.

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4/5 (9)
Official Crew
Rated 5/5
Visited: 04/22/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Even though it was rainy, we had some awesome clouds and this trail and others near it made for a fun day of wheeling. The geyser area was really pretty and even though the weather wasn't perfect, we really enjoyed the day.
Official Crew
Rated 4/5
Visited: 01/06/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

This was a nice easy drive on gravel. We didn't even air down for the drive out to the geyser. We stood around for about an hour but the geyser didn't erupt for us. On the way out, we drove out to a large missile launch site that has a few buildings you can walk around. One building was on rollers and would cover the missiles right before launch. To get to this launch site, turn left, est at WP 02. Travel a mile or so until you see the buildings up on the hill.
Visited: 05/08/2021

Spoke with author Ed and Janice Helmick who wrote the book "San Rafael Swell Offroad" and they said the Crystal geyser only erupts every 18 hours or so and it varies.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 03/28/2021

Super easy, just a dirt road. We checked this out on the way back to our camp in green river. The area around the geyser is gorgeous, sadly it did not go off.
Visited: 02/02/2021

This has been on the list for awhile so it was cool to finally go, even cooler than I thought it'd be.

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