Crescent Creek

Hanksville, Utah (Garfield County)

Last Updated: 10/10/2020
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Highlight: Crescent Creek
Crescent Creek is the eastern gateway to the ruggedly beautiful Henry Mountains of southern Utah. The lower portion of the trail highlights the multihued layer buttes of sandstone that Utah is famous for. Following its namesake creek, the trail offers lots of campsites in the shade of cottonwoods. Climbing higher, the barren sandstone desert gives way to junipers as the Henrys loom larger on the western skyline, the peaks of Bull Mountain, Mount Ellen, Ragged Mountain, Pennell Mountain, and even the Horn pop in and out of view. Two old cabins along the way remind us of how hardy early settlers in the area must have been. The juniper grudgingly gives way to the pines, spruce, fir, and aspen of the Henrys' alpine forests. Shy deer peek out of the shaded forest as you drive by. The cool of the mountains begs you to roll down the windows and soak in the pine-scented air. Don't forget to look behind you at the canyon cut sandstone beauty below. The trail ends at an intersection with Copper Ridge and Bull Creek Pass. Either will transport you deeper into the remote Henry Mountains and even more adventures and beauty. Welcome to the Henrys. Enjoy.
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