White Rocks Road

Enterprise, Utah (Iron County)

Last Updated: 02/15/2021
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Highlight: White Rocks Road
White Rocks Road is an easy drive out to one of southern Utah's most overlooked natural wonders. Pine Park, at the end of the trail, exposes volcanic deposits that reveal evidence of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in Utah’s geologic history. What's also unique is that it's limited to such a small area. The eruptions that produced these deposits were some of the largest in Earth’s history. The ancient supervolcanoes were active between 12 and 36 million years ago, back when the Utah landscape was completely different and home to rhinoceros, camels, and palm trees. The main attraction in Pine Park is the bright white volcanic ash-flow tuff exposures that form hoodoos, mushroom-shaped domes. Many of these resemble the hoodoos found around Goblin Valley State Park and the Toadstools at Wahweap Bay, along Lake Powell. Thriving in the well-drained volcanic soils, a forest of juniper, pinyon, and large ponderosa pine trees, create an oasis for camping and hiking in the high desert.
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