Lennox Creek

Snoqualmie, Washington (King County)

Last Updated: 05/01/2021
4.6 / 5 ( 5 reviews )
Highlight: Lennox Creek
Lennox Creek is a tributary of the North Fork Snoqualmie River located just 38 miles outside of Seattle, making it a popular weekend getaway for local residents. The recently repaired Lennox Creek Bridge now allows vehicle access to this trail which for many years was limited to hikers and foot traffic. Access to this area provides visitors with a gateway to miles of alpine splendor and not often visited lakes. This trail runs along the bank of the creek and is a relatively easy drive through the forest. Most notably the trail offers vehicle access right down to the water at several points, a rare treat for offroad enthusiasts. Kids and dogs are sure to enjoy exploring the riverbank and sandbars. Additionally, several hiking trails stem from this route such as the Bare Mountain hiking trail. Access to Lennox Creek is provided by following the scenic North Fork Snoqualmie Road, which can be found on Trails Offroad as well. Combining these two trails makes for a great day of exploring.
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