Bowers Cave

Duck Creek Village, Utah (Garfield County)

Last Updated: 07/24/2020
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Highlight: Bowers Cave
Bowers Cave is an easy, scenic route that leads to the historic Bowers Cave within the Dixie National Forest. The cave is a lava tube that was formed millions of years ago when the region was a hot spot for volcanic activity. The cave entrance is a very short walk from the parking area. However, the entrance to the cave can is challenging. The cave entrance is a small hole in the ground that leads you down about 15 feet in order to reach the floor of the cave. Currently, a crudely made log ladder helps you descend into the underworld. The cave starts as a large room but a tube branches off for about 950 feet. Both this cave and the nearby Mammoth Cave can be visited on the same day. Be sure to bring a flashlight.
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