Clay Deposit Road

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4/5 (2 reviews)
Enterprise, Utah (Washington County)
Last Updated: 07/05/2020

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Clay Deposit Road is located within the Dixie National Forest near Enterprise Reservoir. The trail cuts across rolling hills and through a scenic canyon that connects with two other popular trails in the area. You connect this trail with Slaughter Creek twice throughout the trail. This allows you to run a long portion of Slaughter Creek, through The Pinnacles and back out on Veyo Shoal Creek Road, making for an incredible all-day loop. The trail is both scenic and mildly challenging for stock 4x4's. There are narrow shelf roads with sweeping switchbacks. You'll take in the passing mountains that are decorated with white sandstone formations. Always keep an eye to the sky, golden eagles, bald eagles, owls and hawks can be spotted hunting this remote wilderness.

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4/5 (2)
Visited: 03/27/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

The road is in great shape. Several snow spots (tracks down to dirt) remaining. Will be back in the fall when all the pin oak is flaming red.
Trail Review: Clay Deposit Road - Walt Dortch
Trail Review: Clay Deposit Road - Walt Dortch
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 04/18/2020

The trail was in good condition other then a deep muddy section after WP 03. There was a bypass but it still requires 4x4. We ran this one a couple times for connecting loops in the area. The best camping we found was at the lava rock designated but primitive sites that are at the southern end of the lake. On FR 288, Slaughter Creek WP 02. It's in the trees and the lava rocks are a very unique campsite feature. Our favorite loop, Slaughter Creek to WP 16, Clay Deposit (backwards) to WP 04, The Pinnacles east to Veyo Shoal Creek Road, WP 14. Veyo Shoal north back to Enterprise Reservoir or south, for a scenic drive out to Gunlock. With stops, it's about 6-7 hours of truly scenic four wheeling, without any crowds.
Trail Review: Clay Deposit Road - Bobby Nelson
Trail Review: Clay Deposit Road - Bobby Nelson
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