West Kachess Wetlands

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3/5 (2 reviews)
Easton, Washington (Kittitas County)
Last Updated: 05/07/2020

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This route is predominantly used as a snowmobile trail in the winter, but once the snow melts it makes for a fun detour off the main forest road, FR-4828. The terrain is mainly soft dirt with some rocky areas, which a hard rain can turn rather muddy. The trail navigates through lush forest along the edge of a large wetland adjacent to Lake Kachess. In many places, a short walk off the trail affords visitors with beautiful views of the wetlands and the various critters that call it home such as beavers and herons. However, those who are worried about their paint jobs may want to be cautious about taking this trail, as some pinstriping might occur due to its narrow and poorly maintained nature. This trail is best to run June-October to avoid patches of lingering wet snow.

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3/5 (2)
Visited: 05/02/2022

Just made it to the trail head due to snow. In spots the snow was deep enough to high center and in other spots there was nothing. I'd give it another couple weeks before trying this trail.
Trail Review: West Kachess Wetlands - Ethan McClure
Trail Review: West Kachess Wetlands - Ethan McClure
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 04/25/2020

This was a fun little trail through the forest, some lingering snow made it somewhat challenging, but should all be melted by May. Definitely more of a trail than a road, which is always fun to drive on. Had to clear out some branches and deadfall but otherwise, the trail is in decent shape. There was a side trail about halfway through that I didn't get a chance to explore, but it looked like it was heading towards lake Kachess.

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