Slate Peak

Mazama, Washington (Whatcom County)

Last Updated: 03/09/2021
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Highlight: Slate Peak
At over 7,000 feet, Slate Peak is the highest road in the state of Washington, as well as the home to the highest fire lookout. The lookout was initially created in 1924 as a gable-roof cupola, before being removed for other use. In 1956, the peak was reduced by 41 feet and leveled to build a radar station for the Air Force during the Cold War. However, the station was never built, and what now remains is a concrete slab, with an emergency use fire tower standing 41 feet tall. The road also passes near the Pacific Crest Trail, as well as other hiking and horseback trails. With spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, Slate Peak is an intense trail you won’t soon forget.
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