Newlands Road

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Naches, Washington (Yakima County)
Last Updated: 09/03/2020

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Newlands Road begins at the end of Jones Road, on the northeast edge of the Wenas Wildlife Area. At the trailhead, you can also find dispersed camping. As you travel back into the Wildlife Area, you will encounter a gate. There will continue to be small patches of trees early in the trail, but they’ll continue to thin out afterward until they all but disappear. For the next two miles, the scenery will be mostly brush and bushes, as well as a long fence. There is little elevation change, as the route runs along a valley. During this time, you can see Cleman Mountain behind you, as well as what lies ahead; Umtanum Ridge. The trees return as you cross Wenas Creek, allowing for more and better dispersed camping. Once you reach the end, you’ll arrive at North Wenas Road. From there, you’ll want to turn right to head to Naches for fuel and supplies, or head left toward Wenas, to continue the overland route. This trail is part of the Washington Cascade Overland Route. Visit Overlanding Across Washington for more information, including which trails to take next.

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5/5 (2)
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Temporary Closure
Visited: 09/03/2020

The Evans Canyon Wildfire that started on August 31st has caused evacuations in this area. Check live updates here:
Trail Review: Newlands Road - Jasmine & Jon Hughes

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