Jones Road

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4/5 (3 reviews)
Nile, Washington (Yakima County)
Last Updated: 09/03/2020
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Jones Road begins at 4,946 feet, near the peak of Cleman Mountain, on the western edge of the Wenas Wildlife Area. It’s a dusty, rocky road that is fine for any 4X4, though cars will have a less enjoyable time. The entire trail is a descent, dropping over 2,600 feet after departing from Cleman Mountain toward the small town of Wenas. Early on you’ll traverse a switchback, the bottom of which has a nice dispersed campsite. The trail then continues down the mountain, passing through a few patches of trees and wide-open sections of brush. Once you’ve reached the end of the trail, it may look like a short, half-mile stretch keeping you from reaching pavement on North Wenas Road. Unfortunately, at the end of the trail, you’ll find an intersection with a sign pointing you to turn right. If you continue straight, you’ll find yourself on a local farm, and on private property. Make sure not to miss the turn, and to continue on to Newlands Road. This trail is part of the Washington Cascade Overland Route. Visit Overlanding Across Washington for more information, including which trails to take next.

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Trail Reviews

4/5 (3)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 09/09/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

fun, easy trail with great views
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Official Crew
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Temporary Closure
Visited: 09/03/2020

The Evans Canyon Wildfire that started on August 31st has caused evacuations in this area. Check live updates here:
Trail Review: Jones Road - Jasmine & Jon Hughes
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Official Crew
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 09/13/2019

We had a nice place to camp at Waypoint 2 for our rooftop style tent that was off the Clemen Ridgeline.
Trail Review: Jones Road - Jasmine & Jon Hughes
Trail Review: Jones Road - Jasmine & Jon Hughes

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