Toquerville Falls

Toquerville, Utah (Washington County)

Last Updated: 08/08/2021
4.7 / 5 ( 10 reviews )
Highlight: Toquerville Falls
Located outside Hurricane, Utah is one of those spots that makes you grateful to have an off-road vehicle. It's as easy 11-mile round trip to a cascading waterfall within a colorful desert landscape. The trail is easy enough to bring the whole family for a weekend of camping or just a quick day trip to get away from the daily grind. As you work your way back to the waterfalls, the trail offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the creek winding through the canyon below. Because of the snowmelt, the water flows pretty well in early spring but it's also very cold. During the summer it offers the chance to wade in the lower pool and enjoy the fresh mountain runoff. The route has numerous side trails where you can choose to have a campsite along the edge of the canyon and relax under a blanket of stars.
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