Walker Valley / BR-16

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Mount Vernon, Washington (Skagit County)
Last Updated: 09/11/2020
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BR-16 is a service road on the south side of the Walker Valley ORV Park. The trail is a dirt road that can be muddy and has many potholes. It can be a busy place, and while there is ample room, be mindful of other drivers around you. The trail as a whole is fairly easy and could be accomplished by almost any vehicle, but it can only be accessed after completing the gatekeeper on WV-22 and completing EZ-Valley Connector. After departing from EZ-Valley Connector, this trail gives you access to Ridge Ram and ends at the intersection with BR-ML, giving you further access to the trails within the park. Walker Valley ORV is comprised of 3,200 acres, with twelve 4X4 trails, and many more ATV and dirt bike trails. The trails offer many challenges like rocks, roots, and ruts. These obstacles will change from season to season, with the addition of snow and rain, which can also produce large puddles and muddy stretches. From the mild to wild, Walker Valley ORV provides something for everyone.

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Visited: 09/11/2020

North Entrance to Walker Valley will be closed temporarily from September 14th-23rd.
Trail Review: Walker Valley / BR-16 - Jasmine & Jon Hughes

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