Hagen Creek

Camas, Washington (Clark County)

Last Updated: 06/15/2022
4.3 / 5 ( 6 reviews )
Highlight: Hagen Creek
Hagen Creek trail is a reasonably easy trail on your way out to the loop lookout. It was built through a mostly clear-cut area that is slowly recovering. The views of Mt. Adams and the valley below are spectacular on a clear day. On the return from the lookout, you can choose to take the easy way, back out the way you came in, or give yourself a challenge. This optional route tests both machine and your nerve as you climb your way steadily through the tight and twisting switchbacks and end up connecting at the top with more trails to explore. Be sure to consider this as a warm-up​ for a fun-filled weekend!
For individual use only, not to be shared.