Alstrom Point

Big Water, Utah (Kane County)

Last Updated: 05/18/2021
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Highlight: Alstrom Point
Alstrom Point is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It is an overlook over the famous Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a manmade reservoir in which the water is held in by the also famous Glen Canyon Dam. The dam was completed in 1963 and it's intended purpose was to behave as an "aquatic bank" for the agriculture downstream of it. This dam has, in turn, created one absolutely stunning overlook that is called Alstrom Point. The trail itself is nothing to write home about, but the overlook at the end might be one of the most spectacular views of Lake Powell that is accessible by vehicle. The camping out at the end is subject to a lot of winds, but if you can handle the wind, the reward for camping out here and waking up to the views is well worth it.
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