Mount Sedgwick

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5/5 (2 reviews)
Milan, New Mexico (Cibola County)
Last Updated: 08/29/2019

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The highest peak in the Zuni Mountains, Mount Sedgwick sits at 9,256 feet. A great feature of this Cibola National Forest trail is that you can drive your 4WD vehicle all the way to the top! On the summit, an amazing 360-degree view awaits you in a spot where you can take a rest or picnic and enjoy the fresh air among tall ponderosa pines. East, across the valley of the Rio San Jose, sits one of New Mexico's highest peaks, Mount Taylor. Also visible in the distance to the east are the towns of Milan and Grants. To the south are the sandstone bluffs of El Malpais National Monument.

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5/5 (2)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 04/17/2021

One of my first "real" off-road trails. Took this in a stock 2012 Xterra Pro-4X with BFG KO2's. Some points were a little scary for a first timer because of the height of the rocks, but with stock clearance, never scraped the bottom. Did not use lockers. I think a low-range gearbox is needed, I can't imagine a Subaru making it up here, but I could be wrong.
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Rated 5/5
Visited: 08/28/2019

The Zuni Mountains are beautiful and this trail allows you to drive to their highest peak. Great opportunity to picnic and take in views of the surrounding country. Even if you opt out of the optional drive to the top, it's easy to get to and the Forest Service has been working lots of projects in this area of the Cibola NF, so it's a very nice area to drive and be in.

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