Arroyo de la Parida

Escondida, New Mexico (Socorro County)

Last Updated: 04/12/2020
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Highlight: Arroyo de la Parida
Sandstone bluffs tower above this trail as it winds its way up an expansive arroyo, into the Coyote Hills. The low canyon created by the flash floods that flow through Arroyo de la Parida is very scenic. Traveling along the arroyo floor and seeing tell-tale​ signs of massive water flows, you can almost forget that you are in the harsh, high desert badlands of the Quebradas. The Quebradas/Gordy's Hill OHV Area offers diverse recreation opportunities including many trails that traverse deeply dissected canyons, high sandstone and limestone bluffs, terraces, and escarpments. On the higher ridges of the Coyote Hills, there are scenic views of the Rio Grande Valley to the west. There are a variety of 4WD trails here, offering challenges for all experience levels.
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