Jenny Lind Canyon

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Eureka, Utah (Juab County)
Last Updated: 05/03/2019
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Jenny Lind Canyon is another quick and easy route in toward the large network of trails within the Prospector OHV Complex; a several hundred mile span of trails along the west desert. This entire mountain range will provide several days worth of exploration. This trail stems from the historic and now dwindling town of Eureka. At its height, this city was once the 9th largest in Utah, where thousands of people flocked during the fortuitous discovery of mineral-rich hills, leading to the development of the Tintic Mining District. The Jenny Lind Project involved extensive exploration and development within the canyon by the prominent Bear Creek Mining Company. Remnants of the mining heyday can still be seen scattered across the rolling hills, and for those wanting a personal peek into the area’s history, there is a small museum to visit on Eureka’s Main Street.

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