Salt Creek Canyon

Monticello, Utah (San Juan County)

Last Updated: 03/25/2022
Highlight: Salt Creek Canyon
As one of the few trails in the Canyonlands Needles District, Salt Creek Canyon provides you with some incredible scenery, a tad bit of excitement, and access to an awesome backcountry campground. This 4wd trail is not just a walk in the park. Located in a wash, quicksand is present for a good portion of the year. You will often come across sections with cottonwood trees causing standing water to linger in the provided shade. During the monsoon season, this trail may even wash out completely prompting closure for an undetermined amount of time. The surrounding rocks are sure a sight to see with the black streaks staining the iconic southern Utah red. With a consistent water source, the canyon is also full of vegetation. This is an absolute must do if you are in the area and can snag up one of the ten available vehicle permits that are issued each day. Also, please remember that since you are within the National Park, pets are not allowed.
For individual use only, not to be shared.